Ultimate Lanying "Tanbi Science Fiction"

"Sorry, I lost my craft today." The cheater said nonchalantly, and then compared a thumb, "Captain Hu really deserves to be Daniel, but he still remembers me."

"Sorry, I lost my craft today." The cheater said nonchalantly, and then compared a thumb, "Captain Hu really deserves to be Daniel, but he still remembers me." Even if I remember it, I can still recognize it. If it weren't for this, ordinary people would never be able to compare with it. Hu Bugui stared at him and suddenly found that his mood fluctuated more than he had imagined. He thought how could he not remember? Time and memory have almost carved this man into my heart, and I can remember what he looked like when I closed my eyes. I heard Su Qing go on to say, "Well, you see, I'm just worrying about eating salty radishes and breaking into state organs casually. It's my fault. But aren't we all for the same goal? Captain Hu, we're old friends. Heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know. Let me go. I'll burn incense for you every day when I get home." I will certainly repay your great kindness when I am a cow and a horse in my next life. As he ran the train, he glanced in the direction of the door, rubbed his hands, and said in a cheap and flattering way: "Besides, I think everyone is very busy, so don't delay everyone's work efficiency for me alone. I'll come and go quietly.." As soon as Hu Bugui heard the word "go," as if something on his body had been touched, he suddenly bounced up from the sofa and pinched Su's shoulder: "You can't go!" Su Qing only felt that his gallbladder was broken, and he kept going up against the bitter water: "Eldest brother,Stainless Steel Toilet China, I swear, I really didn't mean to make trouble. I know that military sites are not allowed to be desecrated, but.." Hu Bugui's palm on his shoulder slowly loosened, moved down a little, and stuck to his shoulder blade, as if he was hugging him, but his face was very tight. He did not know how to make the other side understand his words. He held back for a long time, and his lungs exploded. Finally,stainless steel shower tray, he stumbled and spit out a sentence: "Don't go. I've been looking for you for three years. Now that I'm back, I'll stay." Su gave a light laugh: "Captain Hu, your tone and action are too easy to be misunderstood." Hu Bugui just took a deep look at him, did not let go, did not explain anything, just stuffy for a while, and repeated: "Stay." Su Qingqing frowned slightly, not knowing what it was, but stepped back to avoid Hu Bugui's hand, but Hu Bugui grabbed his arm and looked at him without saying anything, without explaining, without letting go. Suddenly the voice of Lu Qingbai came from the corner of the room. The man, anxious to see the world in disorder, said, "Captain Hu, why don't you just take a pair of energy-limited handcuffs and handcuff him to yourself?" Xu Ruchong said: "The team also has a new batch of micro-current binding ropes, Prison toilet for sale ,Flushometer valve, which can not be broken. If you want, I can give you one." Hu Bugui completely ignored the two donkeys, pulled Su Qing in one hand, pushed open the door of Cheng Wei with the other hand, pulled him outside, turned left and counted two rooms, Su Qing noticed that his own name was written on the door card, somewhat inexplicable. Hu Bugui says: "Fingerprint recognition, you open the door." Su Qing immediately hid back subconsciously, but was pulled firmly by Hu Bugui: "Captain Hu, you really don't have to be so polite. I'll go out and stay in a hotel. Really, I'll leave a single room.." "When you were in the hospital three years ago, I set aside such a room for you, but before I could tell you, you left," Hu Bugui said. Su Qing: Thank you, thank you, thank the Party and the people for their concern and care for me. I had tears in my eyes, really. He said so in his mouth, but his eyes rolled around and kept hiding back. Hu Bugui raised his hand semi-compulsively and pressed it on the fingerprint recognition system at the door. With a light sound, the door opened. Su Qingyi looked up and was stunned. How familiar the layout of the room looked, he stood in the doorway for a long time, only to recognize that this was the appearance of his childhood room, even the acoustic guitar placed in the corner-that was the only time when he was in junior high school to evaluate the three good students in his class, his pa ther was ecstatic to reward him, although it was a sudden idea of the school. More than half of the students in the class were good at three things-fresh for a while, and then did not play again, because he found that using this thing to pick up girls is far less powerful than the RMB. Hu Bugui said in a low voice, "When we were looking for you, we monitored your home. Although you never went back, I asked Fang Xiu to take some pictures of your room and bring them back. I rearranged them according to that, in case you came back to live one day." Su Qing was silent. Hu Bugui was silent with him for a long time before he said again, with a little pleading tone: "Come back, don't go." He stood behind Su Qing, his chest almost on his back, and his voice was so low that it hit Su Qing's eardrum. At that moment, Su Qing really felt something like a palpitation in his heart. However, just for a moment, he knew that he was just tired of running for too long and had not felt anything for a long time, which resulted in an illusion. I don't know how long it took for Su to lower his eyes and nod his head in a very small range. Hu Bugui felt that a big stone fell to the ground in his heart. He was almost ecstatic. He felt that he had become more and more sunny: "The power supply and hot water in your room have never stopped. Every once in a while, there is a special person to clean it. You can live directly." Su Qing looked back at him. As soon as he touched the other's eyes, Hu Bugui couldn't help but let go of his hand. He stepped back and said a little uncomfortably, "What else do you need?" Su Qing wanted to think: "Then take a bath first, all over the water taste, and have something else to eat?"? I'm starving-hey, this room is big enough. Hu Bugui watched him go in, but did not follow him. He frowned gently, as if uncertain. He asked again, "You're not going, are you?" Sue waved her hand lightly and gave him a particularly sincere smile. "But it's disrespectful." Hu Bugui lowered his eyes,Time Delay Faucet, paused, and then said, "There is a change of clothes in the cabinet." 。 cnkexin.com