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If so, then Zhao can be dangerous! He is the direct murderer of the ancient demons, and in the territory of the blood shadow clan, a back to the moon clan still has such means, that as the holy blood shadow clan, must be even more terrible!

If so, then Zhao can be dangerous! He is the direct murderer of the ancient demons, and in the territory of the blood shadow clan, a back to the moon clan still has such means, that as the holy blood shadow clan, must be even more terrible! In the past ten years, he has not been discovered by the Blood Shadow Holy Clan. Could it be that he is so lucky that miraculously no Holy Clan has ever appeared nearby? When the middle-aged man saw Zhao's stern look of fear, he thought Zhao was showing fear. He shook his head and sneered: "You're afraid before the war. I'm afraid this war will be one-sided. It won't do us any good to break through the bottleneck!" When Zhao Di heard this, he was stupefied. Then he smiled faintly and said, "Yes, I'm no match for you at all. Killing me will do you no good. It's better to break up with you, so as not to have a big war and even disturb some terrible high-level Warcraft in the wilderness." "If alarmed the high-level Warcraft, that is better, otherwise this war, is not no suspense!" The middle-aged man said proudly, opening his mouth and spraying, a mini two-headed black snake flew out and turned into a black thorn in midair, with two barbs at the top, flashing a cold light, which was particularly strange. Magic treasure! Zhao was startled in his heart. In the Demon world, the offensive and defensive treasures used by the Demons are all called magic weapons. According to their quality, they are divided into low-grade magic weapons, medium-grade magic weapons, top-grade magic tools and high-quality magic weapons. The higher-level magic weapon, which can already be transformed into a magic weapon, has a special name-Magic Treasure,Time Delay Tap, which corresponds to what the spirit world and the human world call Lingbao. But in the demon world, the magic treasure is almost in the hands of the holy clan, very few magic treasure flows out, now see this person take out a magic treasure, Zhao is naturally surprised. It seems that this person's identity in the Huiyue clan is very unusual, and he is likely to be a key figure in the Huiyue clan. If it were an ordinary member of the upper clan, even if there was a late cultivation of deification, I'm afraid it would be difficult to take out the magic treasure. The middle-aged man saw Zhao's expression of horror and shook his head contemptuously again. It seemed that this man was far from his opponent. This battle would be extremely easy for him, and at the same time it was meaningless. Now that the other side has shown the magic treasure,Service Sink Faucets, Zhao also can not hold big, only by his strong body, and fur magic, simply can not defeat the other side, but also the worry of life. At that moment, he didn't care much. With a flash of black light in his hand, a mini four-clawed dragon flew out and turned into a peculiar four-clawed dragon. It was the magic dragon! "Magic Treasure, you also have Magic Treasure!" The middle-aged man's face changed greatly in an instant, and he was stunned, and his tone was even frightened with a trace of excitement. This person as a deification period alchemist, but also with magic treasure, body treasure are repair, so big, if the inference is good, he is likely to be a member of the holy clan! "Hum, what about the Holy Clan? Usually these people are high above the masses, and we have never had a chance to fight with the Holy Clan. Now we can fulfill our long-cherished wish to fight with the Holy Family of the same rank. After this battle, it must be the time for us to advance to the later stage!" The middle-aged man thought of it in his heart and looked at Zhao in his eyes, Flush valve price ,Manual Flush Valve, suddenly with mixed feelings, but without the previous contempt. Where does Zhao know so many ideas in the other side's heart, he has only one goal now, that is to kill this person, once and for all! If this person is not removed, his identity may be exposed, if the Blood Shadow Holy Clan discovers his existence, I am afraid he will not be able to gain a foothold in the Demon World! Zhao to kill together, immediately both hands just formula, a method of playing out, the surrounding heaven and earth between the magic gas rolled up, wrapped the whole body, at the same time with a shout, in the magic gas in the body upheaval! He had grown up out of thin air, and a dark golden horn three inches long had grown on his forehead, and his complexion had become thick and shining with a dark golden light. Under the display of Zhao Di, the magic dragon turned into a four-clawed black Jiao, and swallowed the dense magic gas in a big mouth. In an instant, it turned into more than ten Zhangs in size, and rushed to the middle-aged man with long teeth and claws. Jin Kui is indeed a member of the Jin Kui Holy Clan. Is it to spy on the Moon Clan? The middle-aged man's mind turned sharply to guess the origin and identity of the other party, and at the same time he became nervous in the dark. Rumor has it that Jin Kui Holy Clan's body refining technique has its own unique features, even above the Blood Shadow Holy Clan, which can fight with the same rank of Baoxiu without falling behind only by relying on his body. Now this person also has a good magic treasure to help, whether he can defeat the other side, the heart is not sure! However, the identity of the other side's holy clan deeply hurt the most arrogant and sensitive area in the heart of middle-aged people. Defeating a holy clan of the same rank is more important to him than promotion! The middle-aged man also gave a light drink, and under the bullet of his hands, the black thorn turned into a two-headed black snake more than ten feet long, spitting blood at the mouth, spraying a stream of magic gas, facing the black Jiao. At the same time, his whole body was also a flash of black light, and a layer of delicate and close-fitting translucent armor wrapped the middle-aged man in it. On the armor, countless magic lines emerged, and then dimmed down, disappeared into the armor, leaving only a faint trace. I don't know if it's the seventh layer or the eighth layer! Zhao to move in the heart, although the armor is extraordinary, but it is only a fine magic level, has not yet reached the level of magic treasure, the real defensive effect, but it is the powerful magic lines drawn above. Rumor has it that the drawing of this high-level magic pattern requires extremely precious materials, and the cost alone is on top of a piece of the best magic crystal. It seems that the other side is really rich and powerful! The two sides were amazed at the same time, but also immediately fighting. Black Jiao and black snake each rolled up a black gas, fighting together, it is difficult to win or lose in a short time, but Zhao's body is shaking, turning into a dark shadow, killing middle-aged people. The middle-aged man's sleeve robe shook repeatedly, and suddenly seven or eight magic weapons of different shapes flew out, all of which were top-grade exquisite magic weapons, almost all of which were extremely sharp magic weapons of sword blade plate type, any one of which was enough to make the family crazy about it. The middle-aged man flicked his fingers, and each of the seven or eight magic weapons turned into a black light and beheaded Zhao. Bang, bang, bang! The sound of a series of collisions sounded, and Zhao's stormy blows repelled these magic weapons with a pair of golden fists. Ding! A crisp sound like a metal strike sounded,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and a sharp sword was cut on Zhao's back while Zhao was hard to take care of, but it was like cutting gold and stone, without damaging it. cnkexin.com

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