The struggle of ordinary citizens

Yang Guo stretched out his tongue to Huo Du and said, "Do you dare?" He stood still and pointed to his nose.

China has always been a country rich in resources. From 1913 to 1937, China's tungsten output accounted for 37% of the world's total output, ranking first in the world. From 1908 to 1938, the output of antimony in China accounted for 61.73% of the world's total output, ranking first in the world, and the output of a large number of other rare metal minerals also ranked first in the world. However, China's own industry is very backward, military production capacity is very limited, and there is little demand for rare mineral products. Therefore, rare mineral products are mainly used for export. But now the difference is that the demand for rare minerals in the northwest industrial area will be greater and greater in the future. Not only that, as Sima once said, the Northwest Company now lacks nothing but all kinds of resources, so how to obtain all kinds of resources that are crucial to the development of industrial zones has become a problem related to the future of the Northwest Company, and the best way to solve this problem is to exchange industrial products for resources. At that time, the resources of China's provinces were mostly in the hands of the central government and the southern governors, but they did not have much demand for industrial products manufactured by companies. It is obviously impossible to get enough resources only by ordinary industrial products. Therefore,10g Ozone Generator, the weapons produced by the company have become a bargaining chip in Sima's hands, using the weapons produced by the company in exchange for all kinds of resources in the hands of others. In addition to solving the company's demand for resources for development, it can also expand the company's own military industry. More importantly, if local warlords want to exchange more ordnance, they can only increase their investment in industry. Only in this way can we obtain sufficient resources, which is tantamount to indirectly promoting the development of industries in the Mainland. Seeing that Zhang Jian was willing to use barter for settlement,ceramic bobbin element, what else would Chen Baicheng say? Then things were much easier to handle. The two men quickly finalized a simple purchase contract and barter settlement method directly in the shooting range. Under the premise of taking what they need, the cooperation between the two sides is always very pleasant, at least for now. That's it. In the welding workshop of the company's power plant. The dazzling light produced by electric welding illuminates the whole workshop, and the beautiful welding sparks produced by welding fall down like fireworks, just like the falling stars of the Milky Way. Xiaowang, or you culture people progress fast, with respect to your this craft, the cabinet also arranges well in this workshop! There is too much carbon in the weld. Old Zhao Tou carefully checked the weld just cooled down and knocked it with a small hammer to remove a thick layer of carbon deposits. Revealed a new weld, although the weld is not very regular, but compared to some novices, has been very good. How interesting! Master Zhao. If there are any shortcomings, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,ceramic bobbin heater core, you can always say that this welding looks easy to use, but it is really not easy to weld well. I have learned this for two days. But there is still no bottom in my heart. Always afraid that the welding is not solid, more welding for a while will lead to more carbon deposits. I heard Master Zhao behind me say so. Wearing blue overalls, asbestos gloves and protective masks, squatting on scaffolding and concentrating on welding steel plate seams, the worker got up and took off his mask, moving his sore waist and said. If an acquaintance sees a worker standing on scaffolding, he will be shocked. This worker is Wang Zixuan, the first Chinese engineer in Jiangnan Shipyard. Why is he dressed like this now. In fact, the reason why Wang Zixuan is like this is that after visiting several welding workshops of the Northwest Company, he saw the welder holding a welding gun and welding together two steel plates more than one meter long with a thickness of 20 millimeters in just a few minutes. So he made up his mind to learn welding technology here so that he could introduce welding technology into shipbuilding when he went back. In order to learn as much as possible about welding, Wang Zixuan gave up the opportunity to visit Northwest Company with other representatives, but went into the welding workshop of Northwest Company's power plant and asked the masters in the welding workshop for advice on welding technology. After personally welding hundreds of meters of welds in the past two days, Wang Zixuan further firmly believed that this electric welding could be used in shipbuilding, and it was far more suitable for shipbuilding than traditional riveting. At the same time, it could save a lot of time and reduce the cost of shipbuilding. "Hehe!"! Xiao Wang, you are practicing for two days now. You are a literate person. Go back and tell Director Chen to copy those welding books back. Don't always work so hard. It's almost time to eat! Old Zhao Tou was very fond of the young man in front of him. If it were not for the time, he would like to teach him everything he knew, but he knew that the young man in front of him could not stay here much longer, so he opened his mouth and reminded him that it was time to eat! "Hehe!"! I have already taken those books back to the hotel, and your company has given me some welding information, hehe! It's getting dark before you know it. I'm going to eat. Chao Po-tao, I'm leaving in two days. I don't know when I'll come next time. Thanks to your care these two days, let's go to the Northwest Hotel. Today, no matter what, Chao Po-tao, you have to drink two cups, and I'll thank you. Hearing what Chao Po-tao said, Wang Zixuan opened his mouth and said that Chao Po-tao had taught himself welding by hand these two days, and that he had absolutely no privacy at all, but it was a pity that the time was too fast. Otherwise, we really have to learn something from him. He was about to leave, and it was right to invite him to a meal before he left. Unexpectedly, the food in this northwest industrial area is really expensive! Even in the capital, one yuan is enough for four people to eat a banquet! Unexpectedly, more than a dozen of us did not order anything for a meal, but it cost more than two pieces. Fortunately,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the mashed potatoes were only a few coppers. Or it will happen again. I'm afraid we can't afford to eat before we get the investment from Caidong! Li Ruyan, who went to settle the meal bill and came back, looked at Qin Guoyong and others and said that they had stayed here for two days to experience the current prices in the Northwest Industrial Zone.

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