The Little Lady of the Hunter Family

Plum one Jing, return to absolute being, answer at once: "Childe, this is wild boar meat, yesterday a new slaughter."

Plum one Jing, return to absolute being, answer at once: "Childe, this is wild boar meat, yesterday a new slaughter." The man in white looked down at the pork and looked at the plum's red cheeks with interest. "How much is a catty?" He asked. Plum hurriedly replied, "Seventy Wen a catty." The man in white nodded and said, "Very well, then weigh ten catties for me." As soon as plum heard that business came to her door, she liked it in her heart and quickly picked up the scale next to her and weighed ten catties. As soon as the man in white waved his hand, a young man came over and took out seven hundred yuan and handed it to the plum, who hurriedly took it. The man in white nodded and smiled at the plum, and the boy picked up ten catties of wild boar meat and left one after the other. Plum watched the man in white leave without a shadow. Then she touched the money in her pocket with her hand. She was very satisfied. This was the first time she had sold something and got the money. The heart is happy, Xiao Jingshan came back, the hand has no mink and jar, plum hurriedly stood up, happily told him to sell out ten catties. As soon as Xiao Jingshan heard this, he was a little surprised. He probably didn't expect to be able to sell ten catties. Seeing the plum's happy appearance, he also said with a smile, "It's a good day to open the door. The mink and bear paws are sold at a good price. I didn't expect that even the wild boar meat was sold for ten catties. The plum is doing very well." Plum can not help him praise, blushed and said: "What ah, you are not hard to beat the boar!" " Xiao Jingshan lowered his head and put the wild boar meat into the basket again, saying, "The restaurants in the town said they would buy all the pork and send it to them now." Plum listens very pleasantly surprised: "Buy all?" Xiao Jingshan nodded and said, "Well, I used to take big prey and buy it from them. I just don't know how their business is these days,Stainless steel foundry, so I went to ask them first." Plum also hurriedly helped to clean up, put all the pork away, Xiao Jingshan picked up the burden again, two people rushed to the restaurant. In front of the restaurant, plum vaguely recognized the four "Miaoji restaurants" above and knew that this was the restaurant. Xiao Jingshan went in to say hello, then a waiter came out, opened the lid of the wicker basket to check, and finally nodded to let Xiao Jingshan follow him to the back. Xiao Jingshan motioned to plum to wait for him here first, and he followed the waiter to the back. Plum looked curiously at the people in the restaurant from the door,Steel investment casting, only to see the dishes on the table inside, which looked very delicious. She had been on the mountain road for half a day, but now she was a little hungry and could not help swallowing saliva. For a moment, I listened to the people inside, saying that they didn't know what Wang Ye was going to rebel in the distance, and that there might be another war in the world. Plum didn't understand this, but he couldn't help thinking of Xiao Jingshan's sigh in the morning, thinking what he could do if the world was not peaceful. Just as the plum was thinking about it, Xiao Jingshan came back. The basket was empty. He stacked the two baskets together and came over with a shoulder pole in his hand. When he saw the plum, he said with a smile, "They were all sold, and the rest of the scraps were given to them." Plum is busy nod say: "That is good." Xiao Jingshan saw that the sun was not early, thinking that there were still things to buy, so he led the plum to Dongshi. People come and go in the east of the city, selling odds and ends of daily necessities, of course, there are also a variety of snacks, socket screw plug ,car radiator cap, such as manna cakes, floating dumplings, plum cakes, crystal bags and so on. Xiao Jingshan took out the money he had just bought and sold four plum cakes back. The plum cake was hot and held in the oil paper. He took two and handed them to the plum, and kept two for himself. Plum sees his action is too fast to stop, but still say casually: "Need not so expensive, we are to take dry food." Xiao Jingshan did not say anything, only handed her plum cake to eat quickly, plum smiled and took it, so the couple found a quiet place, picked up a clean stone and sat down next to it, and ate with their own water. This plum cake is sweet, crisp and soft, coupled with the hot just out of the pot, it is really delicious to eat in the mouth. Plum ate one afraid Xiao Jingshan not enough to eat, then give the other to Xiao Jingshan to eat, Xiao Jingshan do not want, let her eat on the line, and take out their own dry food to eat. Plum sees Xiao Jingshan is determined not to eat, oneself just also ate another. When the two men were full, they packed up and stood up again, and Xiao Jingshan led the plum to buy something. The first day plum and Xiao Jingshan have discussed to buy things, now have money, they bought some daily household things and food, sesame oil and so on, in addition to buying some cakes to go back to plum's family with. After buying these, Xiao Jingshan took the plum to the cloth village to buy cloth for the plum. Plum has always been thrifty, plus when married or some new clothes, determined not to buy, Xiao Jingshan said, also had to give up. By the time they finished, the sun was already heading west, and the two of them saw that it was getting late and there were still many mountain roads to go back, so they picked up the pole and left the town to rush home. You will be in charge in the future On the way back, he still had to cross the hill. It was getting dark. Plum followed Xiao Jingshan carefully. The two of them talked from time to time, which was nothing more than how to live the next day. Seeing that the plum was very interested in selling medicinal herbs, Xiao Jingshan said to her, "I passed by the medicine shop today and went in to ask about it. I probably know the market. We'll make a good plan when we go back. I'll teach you to recognize the herbs and see how to pick them in the mountains." Plum is very happy, and mentioned to Xiao Jingshan to go back to plant peach trees and apricot trees in the yard, and then raise a few chickens and ducks, Xiao Jingshan naturally agreed one by one. Xiao Jingshan saw the plum behind him walking more and more slowly, proposed to rest, plum see the day is getting late, although the foot grinding pain also do not want to rest, Xiao Jingshan looked back at her, without saying a word to put down the burden. Plum picked up a clean stone and sat down, put down the bundle, and reached out to rub the painful soles of her feet. Is rubbing it, Xiao Jingshan came over, a pair of big hands to lift her feet, she was startled, heart beat a few times faster, but still quietly put his feet on his hands. Plum's foot is not too big or too small, put in Xiao Jingshan's hand just let him hold the whole. Xiao Jingshan carefully took off her shoes and socks, only to find that her heels were blistered,alloy die casting, so her eyes could not help but feel distressed, slightly reproachfully said: "It's all like this, why not say?" 。