Valley of Yin and Yang

Her face,Diameter tape measure, which had been plump and white, had been withered and browned by the night wind, and her youth and beauty had been turned into ugly and haggard by the endless years. The only thing that remained unchanged was the expectant smile at the corners of her mouth.

Gongsun Hua shook his head and replied, "I have no injuries or poisoning. I just have a date to seduce my soul. It's scheduled for this evening. I know myself. I probably can't escape this great doom." Ye Bai said, "Oh," and asked, "Brother Gongsun, have you offended the God of killing people and seduced their souls?" "Gongsun Hua sighed lightly and said," It's not Tai Sui. It's the Empress Tai Sui. Ye Bai became more and more interested. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Where are Brother Gongsun and this Empress Tai Sui going to meet?" Gongsun Hua stretched out his hand and pointed to the river downstairs. "The time is today at dusk, and the place is on the river in front of the Yellow Crane Tower," he replied. Ye Bai turned his eyes and said with a smile, "Brother Gongsun, we'll hire a boat downstairs. While we're swimming in the river and drinking, we'll make an appointment with each other. We'll listen to how Brother Gongsun and the Empress Tai Sui have formed a hatred and made an appointment with each other. Maybe I can help you get through this doom. I don't know." She wanted to speak and show a little skill at the same time, but she felt that this was too vulgar, so she did not put it into practice. Gongsun Hua was overjoyed and said, "I've already seen that Miss Ye looks like a chivalrous woman in Jianghu, but I've expected her to be."! But that Tai Sui Empress is really too licentious, too fierce and too poisonous. She has excellent martial arts and is extremely powerful. Why should I involve you.. Ye Bai stretched out his hand to make a gesture and told him to go downstairs. "Don't worry, Brother Gongsun," he said with a smile. "Now that we've made an appointment, we should share weal and woe. I've lived in Guangdong and Guangxi for a long time, and I'm a little strange to the black and white figures between Huguang and Yunmeng. I don't know what role the empress Tai Sui you're talking about plays." "On the Green Forest Road in the Central Plains," said Gongsun Hua, "there was a ferocious spirit who had died. His name was" Purple Face Tai Sui "Huangfu Song. Has Miss Ye ever heard of him?" Ye Bai nodded his head and said, "Yes, that" purple-faced Tai Sui "Huangfu Song is a giant of water bandits, known as the" Five Lakes and One Tyrant. " You've been dead for more than ten years,cattle weight tape, but what's the relationship between you and Empress Tai Sui, who has made a contract to meet with Brother Gongsun? By this time, the two of them had arrived at the Yellow Crane Building. Gongsun Hua hired a small boat with a canopy and ordered the boat to buy some exquisite wine and food so that they could enjoy it in the boat. When he was seated in the boat, Gongsun Hua ordered the boat to untie the cable. Fang said to Ye Bai with a smile, "" Purple Face Tai Sui "Huangfu Song had a wife and four concubines in the past year. Each of them was as beautiful as a flower, and each of them had a powerful skill. Among them, the last one, the fourth aunt, was the most lascivious and the most powerful in martial arts. Her surname was Hong, and her given name was Yuqiao. At that time,Pi tape measure, Jianghu people called Hearing this, Ye Bai nodded his head and said, "I have heard people say that Hong Yuqiao is famous for her twelve crescent swords with thorns, a seven-hole silver dragon soft whip, and the unique skill of" Five Poisons Enchanted Palm ".." At this point, he suddenly realized something. "Brother Gongsun," he said, "why did you mention her in particular? Could it be that Hong Yuqiao, the "deadly Chang'e" of the past, is now the Empress Tai Sui who has made a contract with you at dusk? Gongsun Hua nodded his head and said with a slight sigh, "Twenty years of beauty has passed away, and her black hair is covered with silver."! Hong Yuqiao Fengshen appearance, no longer the same year, she was embarrassed to call "Chang'e", so she took a nickname for herself, "Mother Tai Sui". Ye Bai laughed and said, "The three characters" Mu Tai Sui "are quite novel and interesting." As soon as Gongsun Hua raised his eyebrows, he said coldly, "Who would have thought that this" mother Tai Sui "Hong Yuqiao, tape measure clip ,Fish measuring board, a temptress, was no longer as beautiful as she used to be, but her lascivious and ferocious nature has not changed at all. On the contrary, it has gone even further.." Ye Bai said with a smile, "Why did Hong Yuqiao make a contract with Brother Gongsun?" Gongsun Huajun blushed, did not answer, holding a pot for Ye Bai poured a glass of wine, and for her with a special "clothes ball.". Although Ye Bai saw that Gongsun Hua seemed to have something to hide, she deliberately asked, "Brother Gongsun, why are you hesitating?"? As the saying goes, a real man's book has never been read by me, and nothing can not be said to people. Gongsun Hua was so excited by her that he had no choice but to blush and say, "When I was in Dongting, I happened to meet Hong Yuqiao, a temptress, who wanted to seduce me to do that thing with her. I scolded her a lot. The temptress was in an emergency at that time, so she couldn't fall out with me, so she made an appointment with me for this evening.". Ye Bai said, "Oh," and said with a charming smile, "Brother Gongsun is elegant and graceful. Wei Kui is a God of wind. No wonder there are beautiful women looking forward to him.." Before he had finished speaking, Gongsun Hua said with a wry smile, "Not only has Hong Yuqiao's youth passed away, but she is not a" beautiful woman. "Even if she still has a beautiful appearance and a peerless appearance, she is worse than a pig or a dog. Where can she deserve the word" beautiful woman "?" Ye Bai took one look at Gongsun Hua. He raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Even though the famous foal is old, she is still handsome. Although Hong Yuqiao, the" deadly Chang'e ", has changed her name to" Mother Tai Sui ", she is only in her early forties. There is always some residual charm. She won't be as ugly as a pig or a dog, will she?" Gongsun Hua-jian raised his eyebrows, and his eyes flashed. "When I say" pigs and dogs are inferior, "I mean their hearts, not their appearance, because a woman is the most faithful. Hong Yuqiao is unbridled and dissolute, and her face is innumerable. Where is she?" Ye Bai heard here, a shock in the heart! She knew that Hugh saw that Gongsun Hua was handsome in appearance, but he was a square gentleman with a conservative nature. To deal with this kind of person, oneself should not be dissolute, should only rely on peerless appearance, pretend to be elegant, so that the other side is devoted to the pursuit, in order to escape. Otherwise, even if he can enjoy himself overnight, he will not be able to submit to the skirt forever! Ye Baizhu must have nodded his head and said with a smile, "Brother Gongsun is absolutely right. Since ancient times, a man should be high-spirited, and a woman should value chastity. My younger sister has a presumptuous remark. I don't know if it's possible.." Gongsun Huaben fell in love with Ye Bai's color of heaven and man. Hearing him say "Brother Gongsun" and call himself "Little Sister", he felt more and more happy. Without waiting for Ye Bai to finish his words, he said with a smile, "Miss Ye said something like that. Although we are like the wind coming to the water and the clouds crossing the pond, we are at the head of the Yellow Crane Tower because of fate.." As soon as the word "karma" came out, he felt that the wording was inappropriate, and he was afraid that Ye Bai would be ashamed and annoyed, so he quickly shut up. Ye Bai saw that he was quite in love with him. Of course, he was right in his heart. He didn't care. He smiled and said, "Brother Gongsun, why don't you shut up? Why don't you say you're going to go down?" When Gongsun Hua saw that Ye Zi had no shame, he felt relieved and said in a loud voice,Surveyors tape measure, "I'm saying that although we've met for the first time, Zhilan is quite congenial. If Miss Ye has anything to say, just teach me. You don't have to use that" presumptuous "language." 。

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