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As soon as Zhou Ziwei heard Liu Xiaofei say that Wilson was Yu Xiaoru's foreign boyfriend,

As soon as Zhou Ziwei heard Liu Xiaofei say that Wilson was Yu Xiaoru's foreign boyfriend, he almost spit out all the curry steak he had just eaten. Although he can not see the age of foreigners, but look at the wrinkles on Wilson's face, it is estimated that there must be at least fifty or sixty years old, if given to Xiaoru as a grandfather, or barely suitable, and Liu Xiaofei actually put the two into a pair. I really don't know whether her eyes are too bad or on purpose! Zhou Ziwei was so angry that he squinted at Liu Xiaofei. Then he coughed lightly and said in a low voice, "I said that even if you want to mess up the Mandarin duck spectrum, please find a pair of people who look similar in age." Liu Xiaofei curled her lips and said, "What are you afraid of if the age difference is far away?"? Don't people say that love is regardless of age and national boundaries? Haven't you seen several famous female movie stars and singers in China looking for foreign husbands with white beards like Santa Claus! Even those stars who don't have to worry about life at all, so what's so strange about an ordinary young girl with a little beauty looking for a foreign old man as her husband? Zhou Ziwei was swallowed by Liu Xiaofei, but think about Liu Xiaofei really did not talk nonsense, before Zhou Ziwei saw those beautiful female stars on TV with a foreign old man showing a happy look, it is also very difficult to understand,large inflatable water slide, really do not understand what those female stars are thinking. When Liu Xiaofei saw Zhou Ziwei eating a turtle, she felt an indescribable pleasure in her heart. She said proudly, "How is it going?"? Do you find that your charm is not as good as that of a foreign grandfather, and you feel frustrated? Zhou Ziwei was too lazy to argue with Liu Xiaofei about this. He just snorted softly and said, "Maybe what you said is reasonable, but this time you are really wrong.". Because that foreign devil is an old glass at all,Inflatable meltdown, he has no interest in women at all, so how can he be the boyfriend of that young lady? "Rumors!" Liu Xiaofei, of course, will not believe Zhou Ziwei's words, staring at Zhou Ziwei with a contemptuous face, said: "You are obviously jealous of others, I said." Mr. Zhou, he is a foreign friend! "You must be careful what you say. If someone hears you and accuses you of slander, it will be very troublesome." Zhou Ziwei shrugged his shoulders and said, "Who slandered him? That's what he said just now." Uh. He just said in Italian that he went to the underwear store yesterday and bought a very sexy thong. Now he's wearing it. He also said that he would take off his pants in public and show them to everyone. "No!"! This foreign grandfather is so fierce! I'm really going to perform a underwear show in public here. This time, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable amusement park, even Li Yifeng was shocked. He couldn't help laughing at Wilson and said, "Actually, we don't discriminate against homosexuals. Life is as lonely as snow. Everyone has the right to choose his own hobbies and interests, but.." He's the one who wears a thong? Wow grass.. My lobster set meal is very expensive. Don't let me spit it all out, OK? Li Yifeng thought that the foreigner could not understand Chinese at all, so the words were not depressed at all. At that moment, even half of the people in the restaurant heard them, and immediately cast strange eyes on Wilson. Although Wilson did not quite understand the meaning of "old glass" and "thong", he still understood homosexuality, and when he heard the words and saw the people around him looking at his expression, he became angry from embarrassment and stood up from his seat, pointing to Li Yifeng who was about to question and protest loudly, but suddenly heard a light sound of "bang" from his waist, and his belt suddenly loosened. Then I felt a chill in the lower half of my body. At the same time, all the people in the restaurant looked at Wilson's half-naked lower body with an expression of shock, contempt and nausea. Recommend a good urban book "Huadu Agent", has more than one million words, friends who have not read it may wish to see if it suits your taste, click on the following connection address to enter.. ID 1190250, name "Huadu Agent" .. Chapter 098 the reincarnation of the Tang Priest. Thong! This foreign devil is really wearing a disgusting thong! Originally Liu Xiaofei listened to Zhou Ziwei's words and didn't believe it at all. He thought Zhou Ziwei was just jealous of the foreign devils and slandered them. But who knows that the foreigner really cooperated with Zhou Ziwei. As soon as Zhou Ziwei finished, he actually stood up and took off his pants, revealing his two thick legs covered with black hair, as well as the small underwear between his legs that was so narrow that people blushed! Damn, that's disgusting! When Liu Xiaofei first saw the dissected corpse in the police Academy, she held back without showing a strange look, but now when she saw the foreign devil's naked pants, she could no longer hold back, quickly grabbed a handful of paper towels to block her mouth, stood up and rushed to the bathroom.. You don't have to look to know that poor Comrade Liu Xiaofei is going to have to spit out what he ate last night! The men in the restaurant all laughed crazily after a slight daze, while the ladies, except for a few people with rough nerves or special hobbies, could not help running into the bathroom like Liu Xiaofei, even Yu Xiaoru. wWw. keNweN. The coM Yu Xiaoru was originally the closest to Wilson today, and in a hurry he saw more clearly than others,inflatable air dancer, which made him even more disgusting, and maybe he would leave a little shadow in his heart in the future. Wilson himself was still a little confused, thinking that his belt clip was broken and that his pants had fallen off.

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