Rogue Tianzun

Liu Ting could not help showing a look of disgust after seeing them, and the other team members sitting in the general conference room also looked at the group with hostile eyes at this time.

Liu Ting could not help showing a look of disgust after seeing them, and the other team members sitting in the general conference room also looked at the group with hostile eyes at this time. King Kong and Glasses thought at this time: "What is the background of this group of people? They are so arrogant that they don't care about us at all!"! And the strength is still so poor, it's really a failure! King Kong and several beauties around the glasses seemed to see their confusion at this time, and explained to them in a low voice: "These people are the disciples of the four ancient martial arts families today, and they are specially sent to us by their families to experience.". But after they came here, they didn't listen to the leaders' orders at all, and they were very strong in martial arts and often bullied us. Because their respective families are very powerful, so even the group leader has no way to deal with them, and finally had to let them go. But they not only did not restrain themselves, but also came to harass our sisters from time to time. Senior, you have to help us revenge! The beautiful woman's words aroused the agreement of the sisters around one after another, and immediately everyone told the bad things that those people usually did one by one. After listening to the beauties, King Kong and Glasses obviously couldn't imagine that those people were like this, and they both couldn't help but want to go up and teach them a lesson. "Let's see what they want to do," said King Kong, who was about to stand up when the glasses were more thoughtful! If we are offended,empty lotion tubes, I will definitely make them look good. Your family are ordinary people, if you start, may implicate your family, so this matter to me to deal with it! After King Kong heard the persuasion of the glasses, he also stabilized his mood. The young men swaggered up to King Kong and his glasses and looked at them slowly. The leading young man slowly took off his sunglasses and revealed his handsome face. Then he said sullenly, "My name is Wang Zongyuan. I am a member of the Wang family in Luoyang. I heard that the long-rumored special adviser in the special action team has come. So today I specially brought my brothers to see who is the special adviser." (Note: This person is played by the netizen Yedong himself.) King Kong just wanted to answer,cosmetic tube packaging, but his glasses pinched him directly behind his waist. Then he said coldly, "I am. What are you looking for me for?" Except for those young people, all the people present were confused. "Who is the special adviser? It was the man next to him just now. How can it be him now?" Liu Ting's face is also very ugly, he never thought that a few family disciples would come to look for trouble, this completely did not put him in the eye. The young men looked at their glasses and found that he did not have the characteristics of a warrior, so they classified him as a power, and they immediately scolded him. You dare to molest our women. You are tired of living. If you don't give us an explanation today, you won't be able to walk out of this room. When they finished, they immediately formed an encirclement and surrounded their glasses in the middle. And the beauties of the special task force roared at this time: "Who is your woman? If you don't look at what kind of person you are, I won't look for you even if I look for a pig or a dog." Not to be outdone, a group of them protected their glasses in the middle. In their view, custom cosmetic packing ,cosmetic plastic tube, glasses is a weak scholar, there is no resistance at all. Several family disciples headed by Wang Zongyuan laughed instead of being angry when they saw the reaction of the beauties. Unexpectedly, our special adviser is a gigolo who has to rely on women to protect him. No, your special adviser's title is also obtained by fawning on women! Get out of my way, you bitches, or don't blame us for not remembering the past. "Bah!"! Who has ever been in love with garbage like you? We won't let you say anything today. Suddenly, the faces of the young people, which had been smiling, suddenly became lofty. And glasses says leisurely at this moment: "What do you want then?" Boy, come out with us if you can. Let's see the real chapter under the ground. If we lose, we will never bother you again, and if you lose, we will not embarrass you, just need you to climb under our feet and kowtow three times. Ha ha ha They laughed wildly. The glasses did not get angry at this time, but said very seriously: "OK, you lead the way." By the time the beauties tried to stop it, it was too late, and the glasses had already gone a long way with the children of the aristocratic families. Liu Ting then ran to King Kong's side and said with concern: "Hurry up to stop your friend. Although those people don't look very good, their strength is very strong. If something happens to your friend, it will be difficult to handle." King Kong did not care about Liu Ting's words, but said to himself: "The glasses have become angry, I hope they can survive from the hands of the glasses!"! But it's good for them to be dead. That saves a lot of food. Ignoring the surprised eyes of the crowd, King Kong followed slowly out, and the members of the special task force swarmed out after they came to their senses. Disciples of the aristocratic family took their glasses to the training ground of the special task force, and then said to him, "Let's have a competition here. Don't say that there are too many of us and too few bullies. There are four of us here. You can choose one at random!" Glasses is light say: "Need Not, you go up together, lest trouble." This happened to be heard by the people of the special task force who came, and they all stayed where they were. But Wang Zongyuan said mercilessly at this time: "Boy, since you want to die, then we will help you." "Boy, remember me, I am Zhou Liwei of the Zhou family in Yangzhou." "I am Long Xingtian of the Dragon Family in Beijing." "I am Li Yun from the Li family in Hubei." The other three, after reporting to their door, took off their coats one after another, revealing their tight training clothes inside,tube lip gloss, while their glasses were still the same as before, as if nothing had happened, and they stood there casually. His action completely angered the four men.

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