Regret life

"For more than 20 years, I also wanted to come back to find you, but unfortunately, my father did not lie to you.

"For more than 20 years, I also wanted to come back to find you, but unfortunately, my father did not lie to you. Later, I had my own life, and the days were difficult and trivial. My thoughts about you were weak. The changes in B city over the years were also great. I thought that you might not be in the original place long ago, so I was delayed.". It was not until I met an old neighbor by accident last month that I realized that the place where you lived had always been there and had not been demolished. I went there to inquire about it, and only then did I find out about Tong Yehui. It's a pity that you don't know what kind of father you have had all these years. Dad is guilty. She sat there motionless listening to the man who was her father. She looked at his tearful eyes and saw him take out a neat checkered handkerchief and print it on the corner of his eyes. Should she be moved? Or should she go up and comfort him, or should they embrace and cry and put on a father-daughter recognition drama? Isn't that what they do on TV? She thought so, but sitting there it was difficult to speak and move her body, a frozen mood, a sad mood, not for the person who was her father in front of her, not for herself, nor for the exaggerated atmosphere in front of her, she was sad for a person who had left the world, her mother. It is a pity to know that nothing in the world is more ruthless than time, nothing can abandon all things more than time, people do not need to be taught, instinctive self-protection, discard, choose, go forward and forget, who can stay in place foolishly,plastic trash bins, hold their own perseverance all the time, rotten, destroyed, people have gone and do not give up, her mother is such a person. She was obsessed with the love she insisted on. Later, when she was old, tired and sick, she never let go. Moreover, she never told anyone about her love in her life. It was a pity that she had never heard a complaint in her life. If she hadn't gone through her own journey,plastic bulk containers, if she hadn't been her daughter, Then no one in the world knows how her mother loved the people in front of her, and no one will ever know what kind of feelings she left the world with. Her father spoke of her mother several times at the beginning of the meeting, using the pronoun "your mother", and the woman who loved him so much was already the mother of his child in his heart. His love or guilt for her is real, but for her mother, he has long forgotten her. My mother's name was Di Qiulan. She was 65 years old when she died. She died of cardiovascular disease. When she was sent to the hospital, she could be saved, but the operation cost 140,000 yuan. She was not cured. She stayed up for more than three hours and finally suffocated herself to death. Everyone thought she died because she had no money, but in the end she left me a legacy of 20 million yuan. We stayed where you left, and never left, until you died, and the house where you lived with her remained the same. At the beginning of her speech, the tone was calm, but at the end, foldable bulk container ,euro plastic pallet, the tone became very strong. After she finished speaking, the old gentleman opposite had a kind of expression on his face, a little confused, a little stiff. He did not seem to understand the theme of his words, and then he did not know how to deal with his words. Regret quietly looked at him, such as sadness, regret, and even embarrassment were not found in the old man's face, that moment she suddenly understood that she and the people in front of her were not on the same line, she was unfair for her mother, and he came to recognize his daughter, he wanted to find a lost affection or some kind of regret that had always been in his mind. And her mother after so many years he has forgotten her clean, her mother, that woman, so pitiful and suffocating death, but no one loved her, even in many years he did not understand her, love her, regret to turn his head to one side, a burst of tears gushing out. The atmosphere is slightly awkward, Mr. Mo has been strong for half his life, what kind of scene has not been experienced, what kind of person has not been dealt with, he does not know how suddenly the drama does not go down according to his imagination, he came to recognize his daughter, the only thing in his life that is most hanging in his heart, the softest place in his heart is to give this to his first child. For a moment, I have a little understanding of what the sudden sadness of regret comes from, but I have a vague understanding that is not very thorough. When they were speechless for a while, the doorbell rang. Regrettably, they got up to open the door and wiped away their tears. They came back to the aunt who went out to buy vegetables. Aunt's hometown was in a province around B city. Her home was in a prefecture-level city. Her son was admitted to the university of B city. Later, she settled down here and took her over. Aunt, like all middle-aged women, had a loud voice. A nagging but warm-hearted quality. Regrettably, as soon as I opened the door, a stack of sopranos immediately filled the whole living room: "Why is this day hot? It's just May. I can't even wear my coat when I go out for a walk." Aunt carrying two big plastic bags to go inside, a sweat also took time to say to regret: "regret you get up ah, did not eat breakfast, take medicine?"? If you don't eat, go to eat quickly. I'm going to cook. She walked inside and saw Mr. Mo sitting on the sofa. She quickly stopped talking unconsciously and nodded to him with a polite smile. Old Mr. Mo also nodded, looked back seriously, and aunt hurried into the kitchen. Aunt figure is a little fat, carrying things to walk hard, regret to help her carry the remaining bags at the door also carried in. The aunt in the kitchen lowered her voice and asked, "Regret, do you have a guest?" Looking at the bags of fresh vegetables and fruits placed in disorder on the ground, she bowed her head and said to her, "Auntie, you have a holiday today. Would you like to go back to your son's house first and come back tomorrow?" Aunt is a discerning person, know how to advance and retreat, also did not inquire about what to pack up things and leave, regret to stay alone in the kitchen, facing a mess of fresh food,wholesale plastic pallet, as chaotic as her mood. She knew that people outside wanted her to call him, "Dad." But why call it? She doesn't want to scream. She is a self-centered person. She has always been loyal to herself. Just like her mother, she has never been able to act. She is the most honest about her feelings.

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