Bring the Greenery Indoors with Unique Planters and Pots

Whispering Homes offers a wide selection of unique planters and pots to help you create a garden in every corner of your home. Shop our collection today and find the perfect planter or pot to match your décor and space.

Everyone needs to experience a little bit of nature, according to Whispering Homes. Because of this, we provide a variety of innovative planters and pots to enable you to build gardens in every room of your house.

We have something for everyone, whether youre searching for a chic planter to show off your favourite indoor plant or a useful pot to produce your own herbs and vegetables. You may discover the ideal planter or pot to fit your dcor among our selection of ceramic, metal, wood, and plastic planters and pots.

We also provide a range of sizes and shapes so you can find the ideal planter or pot for any area, regardless of how small or large it is.

Antique Metal Planter Pot with Stand  Set of2

The Antique Metal Planter Pot with Stand  Set of 2 emanates classic style. These planters are made of robust metal and have a wonderful antique finish that lends a touch of retro elegance to any environment. The set includes two pots and two supports for displaying your favourite plants or flowers in a fashionable and handy manner. A beautiful and functional combination.

Black Metallic Planter Pot  Set of3

Our magnificentBlack Metallic Planter Pot Set, a stunning blend of design and usefulness, is now available. These elegant pots, handcrafted with care, with a shiny black finish that lends a touch of class to any decor. They come in a pack of three and provide variety for imaginative plant arrangements. These sleek, modern planters will complement any indoor or outdoor dcor.

Rocio Gold-Black BrassPlanter

The four-tier Rio Planter smoothly combines modern design with lots of plant storage. A chic piece of furniture that is perfect for displaying and arranging plants in your living space. With its adaptable design and sophisticated gold finish, this plant stand looks great wherever it is placed.

Test Tube Wall Planter Set of4

Featuring ourTest Tube Wall Planter Set of 4,you can completely transform your room. These sleek, minimalist planters are a one-of-a-kind and space-saving way to showcase your favourite flora. They are carefully crafted and provide a touch of modern beauty to any wall. This unique botanical arrangement will add a unique touch to your decor.

Set of Three Black Dome Square planterstands

The square and dome shaped planter stands are something you wont see everywhere. It is one of the most beautiful decorative pieces for your home due to its rarity. If you intend to set the planters in your living room or bedroom, the stands will come in handy! The floral plants will bloom brilliantly, and the planters will be easy to keep indoors. Consider giving this to someone who loves plants as much as you do!


AtWhispering Homesoffer an extensive collection of unique planters and pots in the quest of bringing a touch of nature into every home. Whether youre looking for an exquisite display for your favourite indoor plant or a functional vessel for growing herbs and vegetables, our selection includes alternatives in ceramic, metal, wood, and plastic to suit all tastes and styles. There is a perfect planter or pot for every space, regardless of size, thanks to an assortment of sizes and shapes.