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Qi Yibei opened his mouth gently, "Pregnant women should not overwork, you just returned to Beijing, or go back to rest first, find the doctor to see the child's condition, as for your mother's mausoleum,shuttle rack system, it's not too late to go in a few days, so

Bo Guifei's eyes widened, her body shook gently, and her voice was so light that she could hardly hear, "You..". Say what ? She did not call "Your Majesty", but "You". Fu Yiran noticed this detail, more sure that she did know something, anxious to go over, "my mother, Huangfu Bing, where is she?" "She's dead." After a brief period of consternation, Bo Guifei returned to a slightly indifferent look. Died Fu Yiran stared at Bo Guifei, not letting go of her expression, "so you do know her news?" Concubine Bo lowered her eyes and did not make a sound, nor did she look at Fu Yiran. "What is your relationship with my mother?" Fu Yiran asked. Still no reply. Fu Yiran pursed his mouth tightly and shook his head. "She must not be dead." Bo Guifei raised her head. "Who told you about your mother?" "You don't have to worry about that. Just tell me where she is." Bo Guifei quietly looked at Fu Yiran, her lips trembled a little, and just as she was about to open her mouth, Li Jingzhong quickly came in and asked to see him. An important official in the court like him always has a few eyes in the inner palace. It is not surprising to get the news of Fu Yiran's arrival at Shoule Palace. Fu Yiran did not understand why he was in a hurry to come over. Could it be related to her coming to find Bo Guifei? Li Ze was soon announced to come in, first looked at the thin imperial concubine, want to do a silent communication with her, thin imperial concubine is expressionless. As if distracted, Li Ze's eyebrows faintly revealed a trace of worry,industrial racking systems, and it was not easy to say anything. Go forward to say hello to Fu Yiran. Fu Yiran didn't talk nonsense with him either. He came straight to the point and said, "Does Li Xiang also want to know about my mother?" Li Ze's face changed greatly, and he turned his head and looked at the thin imperial concubine. Bo Guifei suddenly bent her lips and whispered, "I haven't had time to say yet." Li Ze's heart slightly put some, step forward like kneeling down, Fu Yiran really do not want to see such an old man also hard to kneel to kneel, then stretch out a column, "if you have anything to say." Li Ze bowed. "Your Majesty,warehouse pallet racks, your mother did return to the state of Chu." As soon as this word came out, not only Fu Yiran, but also Bo Guifei looked at him in surprise, not knowing what he wanted to say. Fu Yiran did not expect Li Ze to recruit so quickly, a little reaction can not come over, Qi Yibei see her appearance, drag her to sit on the chair, in case she is too excited. Li Ze went on to say, "Your Majesty's birth mother could not bear the hardship of living with His Highness King Cheng, so she returned to Chu.". Who would have thought that after returning to Chu, he would miss and be depressed in his heart. As soon as he fell ill, he would die soon. Fu Yiran wanted to stand up, but she was pressed by Qi Yibei. She was still sitting, considering the credibility of Li Ze's words. Can the truth be so simple? If that's true, heavy duty cantilever racks ,drive in racking system, why didn't they tell her? Besides.. How could my mother leave them? Come back to enjoy the glory alone? Fu Yiran shook his head slowly, "what you said is not true.". As a prince of a country, how could my father not take some gold and silver with him when he left? How could my mother.. "Your Majesty." Li Ze leaned over and said, "Your Majesty King Cheng is a man of generosity and righteousness. He has made friends with some brothers. He always helps each other with all his money. Even if he has a rich family, he can't stand such trouble." In fact, as soon as Li Ze's words came out of his mouth, Fu Yiran believed half of them. Even if he had money, he would not go to open a mountain village. Moreover, her father had been worried all his life and refused to say anything about her mother. The strange attitudes of Gu Ge and Shan Ge were well explained-they could not forgive her mother's abandonment and running away. So, her mother is really such a woman? Fu Yiran's eye socket was a little red. He put one hand on his shoulder and clenched Qi Yibei's hand. Qi Yibei held it back silently. The temperature from his palm made Fu Yiran feel better. She asked again, "That..". So she ...... Where ? Li Ze sighed, "Your Majesty, this is a royal secret, the late emperor does not want to let too many people know.". So when she came back, she died of illness, and only a few of our courtiers knew about it. As for the place where she was buried.. "Li Ze sighed," Your Majesty just returned to the palace today, first to rectify a day, to be tomorrow for the minister will lead Your Majesty to lay the foundation. " Fu Yiran sat there in a daze, his mind blank. Slowly look at the line of sight has been silent Ling early summer, she is also a face of shock. Queen Chengping's birth mother died long ago? What other royal secrets are involved? Why didn't anyone tell her? What did she learn all these years? Isn't that crazy? "I, I, I.." Ling early summer stammered: "I do not know, the book does say so.." History records will be biased, but there is no reason to be biased so much, in addition to the same characters, the plot simply does not match, what happened in this era? Why will the history books record like that in the future? Is it human factors or other reasons? Can it be said that the history she knows is only an illusion compiled by those in power to cover up the so-called secrets? For so many years, how many scholars have devoted themselves tirelessly to the study of history, but what they have studied are all lies? Ling early summer has been completely at a loss. Chapter 155 it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Fu leisurely stood up, looking a little excited and struggling, and said to Li Ze, "You.." Or take me there now. Li Ze's eyebrows moved lightly, his face flashed a trace of imperceptible difficulty, Qi Yibei's eyebrows jumped, and his eyes seemed to have no intention of turning to the side of the thin imperial concubine who stood in silence. Fu Yiran because of the heart of this matter, inevitably some flustered, did not find Li Ze's strange, but Qi Yibei is different, thin imperial concubine to speak and stop appearance, make Qi Yibei more convinced that there must be something hidden. If what Li Ze said is not true, then what is he hiding? Is Fu Yiran's birth mother really still alive? "Leisurely." Qi Yibei opened his mouth gently, "Pregnant women should not overwork, you just returned to Beijing, or go back to rest first, find the doctor to see the child's condition, as for your mother's mausoleum,shuttle rack system, it's not too late to go in a few days, so that you don't see sad, not good for your health." 。

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