The prehistoric sage is in a different world.

Yang Guo stretched out his tongue to Huo Du and said, "Do you dare?" He stood still and pointed to his nose.

It is impossible for the main God to come to the lower plane. It is not that he cannot come, but that once he comes, the plane will collapse. The collapse of the plane is a great cause and effect. It is enough for them to drink a pot. Therefore, the main God will not really come to the lower plane unless it is absolutely necessary. Like this plane, it can accommodate the most powerful people at the level of gods. If they appear here beyond the level of gods, they will be repelled by the plane. Once they burst out with terrible power, they will be forced to fly up and leave the world. The main God can not come, too strong outbreak can not give all the power, as for the God level, Lin Feng really want to experience their strength. Provide works such as hand-typed text version of the latest chapter first, txt e-book format free download. [Chapter 0328 of the main text] "The good fellow unexpectedly wants to kill me, at the beginning killed several main God's doppelganger, as expected is the hot next trouble to come!" Lin Feng soliloquized, but with a strange smile on his face: "However, the main God does not come, the strong will be bound, want to rely on the strength of the God level, like to kill me, too look down on me!" Speaking of this, Lin Feng casually wiped on his face, then turned into another person, even with the whole person's breath has changed a lot. I'm afraid they won't recognize me face to face. However, when the gods come, I'm afraid my plan will change again. The spirits alone can't grasp the overall situation. Ha ha! Lin Feng laughed a few times and frowned again, not to mention the gods, even the spirits are far more powerful than Ren Tianci. It's so big that it's enough to sweep everything away. Do not know how long, Lin Feng suddenly fixed the figure,Ceramic Band Heater, but in front of a wide skeleton river, but is a long river of bones, the river is flowing all skeletons, scattered with a trace of Yin Sen cold breath. The body of the God is there! Lin Feng carried enough eyesight to look into the distance, but above the white bone river is scattered with a stream of white s s fog, blocking Lin Feng's line of sight, even too virtual eyes can not see clearly what is on the opposite side of the white bone river. Kaka! Suddenly a huge skull crunched toward Lin Feng bite over, Lin Feng sneer, a single finger, immediately point in the skull's eyebrows. Peng! On the spot, the skull's head exploded into pieces. Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga! But at this time, countless skeletons and skeletons burst out of their mouths, one by one toward Lin Feng. Lin Feng sneers a few times, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic bobbin heater, random attack, only one skeleton to beat into countless fragments. "But this brother is going to the God's Heritage Library!" At this time, a voice in Lin Feng's ear back to d dng, Lin Feng turned around, but it was three men and two women. God's relic storehouse? Lin Feng could not help but slightly stupefied, this is the first time I heard of this name. How many are you? Lin Feng looked at the five people suspiciously. In the next Duan Yuming, from Hongling Star! For a man in white immediately opened his mouth to introduce himself, this Duan Yuming sword eyebrows star eyes, wearing a pure white s samurai clothes, spotless, with a refined strength of character. My name is Zhang Feihao, from Jia Lanxing. The other man spoke, but this guy had a rough face and a full beard. The red wind raises, the wind raises the stars! The only characteristic of this man named Chi Fengyang is his red head, red eyes and red beard. I really don't know whether he was born like this or became like this. I want Xuyeer, I am also from Hongling Star! A girl about seventeen or eighteen years old said with a smile. Bai Muyun! The last girl said coldly, "I come from the end of the world!" Lin Feng paused slightly and said slowly, "My name is Zhao Feiyang, and I come from the infinite world!" Now the name of Lin Feng is too loud, but in contrast, Zhao Feiyang is a bit not obvious, say it, it's nothing. There is no great world? The five of them were slightly stupefied. Duan Yuming said with a wry smile, "I didn't expect Brother Zhao to come from such a barren place. It's really not easy to practice to this level today!" Compared with other planets, the infinite world is indeed barren enough. Lin Feng just smiled, did not defend, just nodded: "It's really not easy, a few call Lou but something?" Duan Yuming laughed and said, "Haha, Brother Zhao, you are really quick to talk. Then I won't beat around the Bush. We see that Brother Zhao is very strong. We hope to invite Brother Zhao to go with us to the God's Heritage Library." I don't know what Brother Zhao thinks? " "That's all right!" Lin Feng nodded slightly and said, "It's just that I'm new here and I don't know what this God relic is. I hope you can explain it to me." "This is natural!" Duan Yuming said with a smile, "Speaking of it, it's not a big deal. It's just that in ancient times, countless powerful gods fought here. After that, I don't know how many gods have fallen. Their skeletons and godhood have fallen to this place. Over the years, they have formed this library of gods!" "Why are they fighting here?" Lin Feng asked curiously. I don't know! Duan Yuming shook his head slightly: "It seems to be fighting for something!"! Ha ha, I don't know about these big people! Lin Feng oh, the face is still with a touch of indifferent expression, the heart is thinking, what can be worthy of the gods so big? The main artifact? Obviously impossible, even the true God can get, or Lingbao? Innate Lingbao? Lin Feng secretly calculated in her heart. This river is the river of bones. Although the strong gods have fallen, their dying will is very strong. They have opened up a river of bones on the star of Tai Mang. The river of bones is the skeleton of countless strong people. It is condensed in this place by the gods with great magical powers. Anyone who is close to the river of bones will be attacked by these skeletons! At this point,Kamado bbq grill, Duan Yuming took one look at Lin Feng and said with a sigh, "Brother Zhao is a miracle. Although the White Bone River is fierce, there is no way to take Brother Zhao!" 。

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