The Return of the Condor Heroes (Old Version)

Yang Guo stretched out his tongue to Huo Du and said, "Do you dare?" He stood still and pointed to his nose.

Huo listens to him to ask: "Who does small brute scold", answer smoothly: "Small brute scolds you!" Small brute scolds you! Where did he know that the southern boys had always used this kind of cover to fight with each other, and if they were not careful, they would be deceived. Yang Guo burst out laughing and said, "Yes, the little beast scolded me." The situation in the hall was extremely tense, the teenager suddenly so a stir, all the heroes laughed out, Huo are great anger, folding fan straight out, to Yang over the head. The heroes were all chivalrous men. Just now they saw that Huo Du was very good at martial arts. If this fan hit Yang on the head, he would be seriously injured even if he didn't die. They shouted in unison, "Don't bully the small with the big." Guo Jingfei snatched it out and was about to reach out to grab his fan when Yang lowered his head and drilled under Huo Du's arm. As soon as he wound around the oar handle, he tripped at Huo Du's feet with the "winding" formula of the dog-beating stick method. Huo was so unsteady that he stumbled and almost fell down. Thanks to his strong martial arts, he turned the downward trend into a leap, jumping up in the air and falling steadily. Guo Jing was stunned. "What's the matter, Guo?" He asked. "Nothing," said Yang Guo with a smile. This fellow despised Hong Qigong's dog-beating stick method, so I threw him a bucket with dog-beating stick method. Guo Jing was surprised and asked, "How did you do that?" Yang Guo lied and said, "Master Lu fought with him just now. I looked at him and learned it." Guo Jing himself was so talented that he thought there were many smart people in the world, but he was doubtful about his words. Huo Du gave Yang Guo such a trip. He only said that he was not careful. He thought that this young man, who was less than 20 years old, had extremely high martial arts. He thought that it was a big deal to fight for the leader of the alliance at the moment. It was not too late to send this boy after finishing the business. So he strode to Guo Jing and said in a loud voice, "Master Guo, we won the contest today. My teacher,alumina c799, King Jinlun, is the leader of the martial arts world. But which one is not Before he had finished speaking, Yang Guo quietly walked up behind him, probed the handle of the oar, and suddenly poked his buttocks with a stick, using the fourth word "poke" in the dog-beating stick method. Huo all what kind of kung fu, someone in the back of the sudden plot, there is no reason not to know? But the method of beating the dog with a stick was so wonderful that although he was surprised, he could not dodge it. Poof, it hit the buttock. Rao's internal strength was deep,steatite c221, and his buttocks were fleshy, but this time it was also very painful, and it was unexpected. He only said that he could avoid it, but it happened that he was poked again, and he couldn't help crying out "ah". Yang Daodao: What is it? I'm not convinced? The heroes were surprised and amused, thinking that the young man was not only naughty, but also bold, and that the Mongolian prince had caught his way twice. At this point, Huo can no longer ignore, but he still did not Yang Guo as an opponent, backhand a slap in the face, want to first hit a slap to vent their anger again. Although he is a handy palm, but this palm is a combination of hardness and softness, full of strength and potential, containing the essence of Tibetan martial arts, a palm is planned to knock him unconscious and lie down. Guo Jing knew it was so fierce that he was willing to let Yang Guo hit him in the palm of his hand. With his left hand out and his backhand hooked, he grasped his palm and said, "How can you be as knowledgeable as a young man?" Huo was caught by him, ceramic igniter electrodes ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, but felt half of his body tingling, can not help but angry. Yang Guo took advantage of the situation across the oar handle, a stick on his buttocks, shouted: "If the little beast is not obedient, Dad will spank you!" Guo Jing shouted, "Go back quickly. Don't fool around!" But all the heroes were laughing and laughing together. The warriors on the Mongol side shouted, "Two against one?" "Shame on you!" "Have you competed again?" Guo Jing was stunned and let Huo Du go. Huang Rong's eyes were extremely keen, and when she saw that Yang Guo's trip and poke was indeed a delicate trick of beating the dog with a stick, she became very suspicious: "Where did he steal this stick from?"? Could it be that when I taught Lu Youjiao, I showed him every move? "But for fear of someone peeking, he checked around every time he taught the stick. How could he hide from my eyes?" "Come, Brother Jing," he shouted. Guo Jing returned to his wife's side, but he was worried that Yang Guo would suffer losses, and his eyes still stayed on the two of them. He saw Huo Du waving his hands and flying his feet, and kept attacking Yang Guo. Yang Guo dodged and shouted, "Spank you, spank you!" Crosswise oar handle, to his buttocks, but at this time Huo all spread out his posture, since he has not hit, every stick fell empty. Huo all wanted to hit Yang Guo's head with a folding fan, but Yang Guo hit his buttocks with the handle of an iron oar. They chased each other around the hall, but neither of them could hit the other. At first, everyone thought it was funny and strange, but when they saw the two of them go around a few times, they were all surprised. It turned out that Yang Guo was dressed in rags and was young, but his footwork was light and his action was agile. He was almost as good as Huo. Huo Du made several flying strikes, all of which were skillfully avoided by him. Dian Cang Yu Yin and Darba had each held a weapon and glared at each other. One wanted to rush up to fight again, and the other was on full alert to prevent the other from attacking. But when they saw that Huo Du could not do anything about such a nameless young man, they were extremely surprised. They turned into one with a split mouth and a giggle, and the other cursed in Tibetan. Huo Yang two people around two circles, Huo has seen his light body kungfu, blindly race with him, perhaps also lost at his feet, suddenly turned around, stretched out his left palm to grab his oar handle, right hand fan to his leg side "ring jump point" point. This action is no longer a way to punish urchins, but a formal martial arts contest. Young as he was, Yang Guo had great courage. He saw his opponent using excellent martial arts, but he still did not fight him head-on. He turned sideways to avoid his acupoints and beat him across the handle of the oar, shouting, "I'll spank you!" Use this kind of teasing means to fight with the enemy, it must be much higher than the other side's martial arts, there is no danger. Although Yang Guo has learned a lot of excellent martial arts, but in terms of skill, absolutely not as good as Huo, so nonsense is bound to suffer. But everyone saw him jumping around, laughing together, so a smile, Huo pour also to make restless, afraid in front of the world hero he was hit in the buttocks, that can no longer be ashamed to see people, because of the concentration of dodge, temporarily forgot to fight back, Yang Guo this is the end of danger. By this time, Huang Rong had already seen that Yang Guo had been instructed by an expert. His fortune was very good, and his martial arts were extraordinary. She thought that if he stirred up,7g Ozone Generator, he might be able to save the decline of losing two battles in a row. It was also unknown. So she said in a loud voice: "Guo'er, you should have a good comparison with this elder brother. I don't think he is your opponent." Yang Guo stretched out his tongue to Huo Du and said, "Do you dare?" He stood still and pointed to his nose.

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