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Since it is Shen Yan who pays the bill, then the person who really treats the guests is Shen Yan? When Shen Yan stared at Ji Ming sullenly, he obviously did not expect him to say it.

What the broken army did not know was that he had done this unintentionally. Let the mysterious man who entrusted him to send the ring, all the plans were shattered! The broken army was inadvertently calculated for their own revenge. But to tell the truth, although it was calculated, but the broken army thought that the other side sent the task, their own task, both sides are not wrong, really want to say that there is a mistake, that is, those who are full of fat "big man" is wrong. Instead of scouting and chasing prisoners, he wanted to put himself on top of the tank. This is unacceptable to the broken army. Things here have come to an end, the broken army intends to continue his original plan, but the choice of what kind of goal is a very important thing, a level above the task, mostly to help those countries at a disadvantage in the war, the broken army for this kind of thing is not interested in, broken army likes the kind of tension and excitement, a lot of money into the account, But in this space,hot tub manufacturers, the technology is too advanced, and the dangerous places that have not been explored basically do not exist. Just then, a communicator in the arms of the broken army suddenly rang. The broken army opened the portable communicator like a powder box, and a boy with big eyes appeared on it. After seeing the broken army, the boy immediately bowed deeply to the communicator, and then opened his mouth and said, "Dear Lord Broken Army,endless swim spa, now the trade union is issuing a task." You might be interested. Are you sure? Little Ding Dong, I don't want to make a trip in vain! The broken army looked at the boy in front of him and said quietly. My Lord, don't worry. My little Ding Dong is a gold-lettered signboard. I won't let you spend your money in vain. The little boy seemed to be very unhappy that the broken army looked down on him. As a mercenary soldier should always be the idea of the message issued by the trade union, so that they can get the first-hand news to prepare early and finish the task before others, but these mercenary soldiers also have their own dignity, it is impossible to stay in the trade union all day long and wait for the news, because of this reason, such children as Xiao Ding Dong came into being. They are responsible for keeping an eye on the information released by the trade union, and then send the information to their customers. Little Ding Dong is a small eyeliner bought by the broken army. In fact, the broken army gave him an energy coin with a face value of ten thousand yuan at the beginning. It was purely to see his pitiful kindness and wanted to help him simply. He didn't want to find out what news he had. So little Ding Dong suddenly contacted him, which made the broken army look very surprised for a while. But he did not want to live up to the child's mind, so the broken army with three people hurried back, the broken army had given the dance to the three of them, endless pool factory ,whirlpool hot tub spa, but never thought that only one of the three could learn the dance, the other two are transformed soldiers, the body is a variety of death rays, simply can not produce the energy needed for the dance. Although the plan to teach them to fly autonomously has gone bankrupt, the broken army is still not discouraged, because the reformers also have their own means of independent flight, that is, adding propellers to their bodies. Although this thing flies very fast, its flexibility is relatively poor. In order to change this point, the broken army has sorted out a set of action essentials of air dance. With these action essentials as guidance, Jin and Qiu Biao have made rapid progress, which can basically be described as amazing speed. Now they can not only change their flight status at will, but also play some special skills. The four men flew to the capital of Jingtao in one breath. Slowly landed on the ground, just fell in front of the trade union, but the small Ding Dong ran to the front of the broken army in one breath, pulling the clothes of the broken army with his hand and shaking it and said: "The broken army adult, you come with me quickly. There are many people who are interested in this task. If you go late, I'm afraid you will be picked up by others. This task is different from the past." Must be the same team or someone to take the task. And once someone takes the task, unless the task receiver fails and dies, the second person is not allowed to continue to take the task. The individual or group who receives the task can not be lower than a level. The level of this task is 3s. The reward is one trillion credit points, and all the things he gets in the course of the task. The person who releases the task only needs one of the notes, which is said to be left by his grandfather. Little Ding Dong said this in one breath. But the broken army still doesn't know what kind of task it is, a 3S-level task. The minimum number of performers is set at a level. But also a team of death and another team to fill, broken army so smell, all feel that there is a strong sense of conspiracy inside. Small Ding Dong should also be aware of one of the wrong, so let oneself to see the task, he did not say what the task is, may be afraid of misleading themselves. The broken army took a deep look at the small child, and then squeezed into the task release column of the trade union. After a while, the broken army came out from inside. Holding a black scroll in his hand, he saw the scroll in the broken army's hand. Little Ding Dong opened his mouth and asked, "Lord Broken Army, did you take that task?" The broken army looked at the small Ding Dong gently nodded and raised the black leather scroll in his hand. But this task is very dangerous, even you may lose your life! Little Ding Dong looked at the smiling face of the broken army and said anxiously. Before you told me the news, you guessed that I would do so. This task really has a strong attraction for me. Since ancient times, wealth and risk are relative. Now that I have taken this task, I will be fully prepared. Thank you for telling me the news. You deserve it. After saying these words, the broken army handed ten energy coins with a face value of one million yuan to Xiao Ding Dong. My Lord, it's too much. I can't stand it. Even one of them is hot for me to hold. Little Ding Dong looked at the broken army with the energy coin in his hand and said. Take it, this news is definitely worth these, small Ding Dong you will grow up sooner or later,whirlpool bathtub, judge the value of a news gold content, this is also a good mercenary eyeliner must have. The broken army said and turned away, never looking back and saying a word. What is the task of my head of the regiment? It makes you and Xiaodingdong so mysterious that even our curiosity is aroused. A king asked delicately beside him.

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