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Since it is Shen Yan who pays the bill, then the person who really treats the guests is Shen Yan? When Shen Yan stared at Ji Ming sullenly, he obviously did not expect him to say it.

"Jia Zixu hurriedly arched his hands and said," What's the matter? I'm disturbing Third Master's rest. I feel very uneasy. I'd like to ask Third Master to forgive me. Chou Lao Sanlian said he dared not, and then looked at Luan Zhentian! Luan Zhentian understood and raised his hand to offer his seat. He repeated what Jia Zixu had said. Finally, he said, "Third brother, think about it. Who else was around at that time?" Qiu Laosan listened quietly, and his face changed. Luan Zhentian's words fell. He stood up and said, "Don't think about it, Dad. There was no one else around me at that time!" Luan Zhentian cast a glance at Jia Zixu! Jia Zixu frowned and asked Qiu Laosan with a smile, "If you say so, you can't be wrong. But think about it again. Did you know anyone in the restaurant at that time?" Qiu Laosan hesitated for a moment and said, "No, I only saw two men following Black Three out of the wine shop. One of them was tall and strong, with a full beard, and quite powerful. The other was a middle-aged man in white with a white face. He looked a bit like Gan Fengchi and Bai Taiguan in the" Eight Heroes of Jiangnan "." "Jia Zixu looked at Qiu Laosan and said," Third Master, do you look like him? " "As a matter of fact," said Qiu Laosan, "I have never seen the Jiangnan Eight '!". Jia Zixu said, "Zhou Xun, Gan Fengchi, and Bai Taiguan of the Eight Heroes of the South of the Yangtze River have already appeared in Beijing. Didn't the Third Master hear what the old man said just now?"? They are assassinating Nian Gengyao in Shun Lai Lou! Luan Zhentian said, "It's possible that the third brother saw Gan Fengchi and Bai Taiguan!" "It's possible, old man," said Jia Zixu. "Don't they know Third Master?" Luan Zhentian shook his head and said, "Although the Eight Heroes of Jiangnan and the Ten Righteousness of Wulin look up to each other,endless swim pool, they haven't met each other." "Old man," said Jia Zixu, "I dare not think that Gan Fengchi and Bai Taiguan are the informers." After a brief conversation, he suddenly got up and said, "I don't dare to bother you. I still have some trifles to do. It's time to leave." Luan Zhentian quickly stood up and said, "What's the matter, brother?"? Didn't you see our girl? "Look at me, old man," said Jia Zixu with a smile. "How can I see a double dragon head? How about I come to pay a sincere visit some other day? Luan Zhentian was still waiting to be asked to stay,endless swimming pool, but Jia Zixu had already said hello to Qiu Laosan on the bed: "Third Master, you have a rest. Please rest at ease. I'll come to see you in two days." Said, did not wait for Chou Laosan to answer, he turned out of the door! Luan Zhentian hesitated for a moment, raised his hand, but suddenly put it down again and followed him out of the door. Out of the door, Luan Zhentian wanted to see the guests out of the "Yihong Courtyard", but Jia Zixu declined with the excuse that there were so many people with mixed eyes that it was inconvenient, and then he floated away alone! wWw。 xiaoshuo txt.coM Volume 2 Yonghe Lamasery and Jiangnan Eight Heroes Chapter 5 Bafang Inn . t. xt.. Small Say God. Don.. Luan Zhentian stood downstairs in the west, winking at the east downstairs, and a young man dressed as a peddler followed him out. At the right moment, Xiaoyu came down the stairs. "Father," she said, "have the guests gone?" Luan Zhentian answered, "I'm gone, I just left!" "He looks familiar to me," said Xiaoyu, "but I don't remember seeing him there." Luan Zhentian looked at him and said, Chinese spa manufacturer ,american hot tub, "If he were a handsome man, you would remember him." Xiaoyu blushed and spat. "You're just not serious," she said. "Well, I won't talk to you any more. Miss, please!" Luan Zhentian was stunned and said, "Why, is the girl back?"? When did you come back? "I've been back for a while," said Xiaoyu. Luan Zhentian stamped his feet and said, "Ghost girl, why didn't you say so earlier? If you had said so earlier, you could have let the girl see where this man surnamed Jia came from. That's all right. He's gone." Xiaoyu said with a smile, "Don't worry. The girl watched you send him away through the window upstairs. She had already seen enough of that man surnamed Jia!" Luan Zhentian was stunned and cried out, "Good girl!" Fly up to the West Tower! Upstairs, as Xiaoyu said, Mei Xin and Shuang Cheng were still standing beside the railing. He hurried closer and said, "Why are you so early tonight, girl?" Mei Xin smiled and said, "There's nothing to do with Hong Li. I'm too lazy to stay, so I came back early." Luan Zhentian pointed outside the building and said, "Did you see him just now?" Mei Xin nodded with a smile and said, "I heard Xiaoyu say that it's not convenient to see him face to face, and it's not easy either. It's better to stand aside and peep. In this way, you can see clearly, and he can't hide." "I didn't know you'd come back," said Luan Zhentian. "If I didn't say anything, I'd keep him for you to see. I've met him twice, but he won't accept me except for his name." Mei Xin said with a smile, "You've been taken in. I'm afraid the name is fake, too!" Luan Zhentian was stunned. "How do you know?" He asked. "Isn't his surname Jia and his name Jia Zixu?" Asked Mei Xin. "Yes, what's wrong with that?" Said Luan Zhentian. Mei Xin said with a smile, "That's not right, Dad. His surname is Jia (false) and his name is Zixu. Why don't you think more about it?" Luan Zhentian was not a muddle-headed man. He stamped his feet and shouted, "Boy, he cheated me. I'll go after him!" Said, then turn around and go downstairs! "It's too late, Dad," said Mei Xin with a smile. "I'm afraid he won't go far." Luan Zhentian kept silent for a long time. "Miss," he said, "let's be sincere. What does he mean?" "Don't blame them, Dad," he said with a regretful smile. "Maybe they have their own reasons, like us. If he didn't already know our background, would we tell him?" Luan Zhentian shook his head and then explained the purpose of Jia Zixu's visit. Finally he said, "Girl, in your opinion, where did he come from?" Mei Xin frowned slightly, shook her head and said, "It's hard to say. This man's whereabouts are erratic and mysterious. But, Dad, we can't easily let outsiders know our background. If people know us, but we can't figure them out, it's not a good thing!" Luan Zhentian raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "Well, in your opinion?" "Hurry up and find out where he came from," said Mei Xin. "Otherwise.." "Miss," said Luan Zhentian hurriedly, "they saved Jinhu and Shi Xiu. They've been kind to us." "I know,outdoor spa manufacturers," said Mei Xin with a faint smile. "But, Dad, I'm the most important thing." 。

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