Genshin Impact 4.1 Banner Leak and Character Overview

The five-star characters for the first half of the Genshin Impact 4.1 banner are Neuvillette and Hu Tao, and the four-star characters are Xingqiu, Diona, and Fischl. The five-star characters for the second half of the 4.1 banner are Wriothesley and Venti, and the four-star characters are C

Genshin Impact 4.1 Banner Characters Overview
First half of the banner:
Five-star characters: Neuvillette and Hu Tao
Four-star characters: Xingqiu, Diona, and Fischl
Second half of the card pool:
Five-star characters: Wriothesley and Venti
Four-star characters: Chongyun, Dori, and Thoma
  1. Neuvillette
Neuvillette is a five-star limited main character of the water element launched in the Mondstadt version. Neuvillette is a character who supports the output stage and supports reactions. He has a group water hanging every second, high direct damage, can cause multiple group damage in a short time, and a heavy hit causes 8 group damage, he is an excellent water main character.
  1. Hu Tao
Hu Tao herself is very worth cultivating, and only needs one life strength is very high, Hu Tao is a five-star fire element character, positioned as the main C with cyclic burst output ability. As the current strongest single output character, her damage ability is unquestionable.
  1. Wriothesley
Wriothesley is a five-star Cryo Catalyst character, as the first Cryo Catalyst C in Teyvat for three years, the performance should be good, the overall strength should be very good. Wriothesley's exclusive weapon has a high base value and also has a critical hit bonus, passive also has attack speed, normal attack, heavy attack and attack power damage bonus.
  1. Venti
Venti is worth cultivating. Firstly, he is very comfortable for exploring the big world, whether it's map running or monster gathering, and his strength is also good, usable in the Abyss. Secondly, he is usable at 0 constellation, which is very friendly to the common people's party. The four-star weapon, The Stringless, is also very suitable for him. It is recommended to use a four-piece set of Anemo artifacts, but single artifacts are easy to vomit. There are also a variety of team combinations, commonly seen are Permafreeze team, Melt Ganyu team, Double Anemo Double Geo, and Electro Eight Venti team.
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