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Over time, he stopped talking and laughing with the brothers at all, so as not to be bored. As a result, people in the same school said that he was lonely and unsocial.

Over time, he stopped talking and laughing with the brothers at all, so as not to be bored. As a result, people in the same school said that he was lonely and unsocial. In order to avoid these criticisms, Ma Qie suffered in silence. After a long time, even he himself believed that he was a lonely and unsocial person, who could not enjoy the pleasure of getting along with others easily and happily. Now, Ke Tu and Xiao Gui give him a new feeling. Can not help but make him feel deeply-good to have friends! It is a great joy to have three or two friends who are congenial, humorous and self-deprecating. Hello Xiao Gui pushed him: "What are you in a daze for?"? It's getting late. If you don't tamper with the tombstone, when will you wait? I'm still very busy today! "I'm in a daze?" Xiao Qian scratched the back of his head playfully and said with a smile, "I don't know." "I just don't know," said Gui, pushing him, "I've just been in a daze! If you know. It's just a matter of thinking. You don't understand such a simple thing. It's a waste for your master to raise you so much. Enjoying a rare happy mood, Xiao Qian giggled and said, "Simple things are left to a simple person like you to understand. I am a genius who specializes in raising some complicated things, such as.." How to tamper with the tombstone! He took out bottles and cans from his Gankun bag and put them on the ground. "" "Some people are smelly," said Xiao Gui. Although Xiao Gui said so in his mouth, he was full of curiosity and crowded around Xiao Qian,die casting parts, watching Xiao Qian pour out all kinds of powder from the bottles and cans on the ground and mix them together. Cinnamomum cassia adds a kind of powder every time you see a small thousand. "What is that?" He asked? How much should I use? Small thousand hands busy, mouth also-one for small laurel answer. Before long, Xiao Qian had prepared a pile of powder like white stone. Ok He said with a smile, "lightly paint a layer of these fossil pills on the tombstone, and after a while, the surface of the tombstone will become as soft as sand. Whether you want to write or draw, it is guaranteed to be easy." The guest road is curious: "After writing, how does this tombstone surface restore original hard?" "Simple!" "If this fossil pill meets water,metal stamping parts, it will lose its efficacy immediately," said Xiao Qian. So after writing, and then drench with water, the tombstone can be restored to its hardness, and the handwriting will naturally be shaped. He looked up and saw that Xiao Gui was looking up at the sky, and his mouth seemed to be singing something silently. Small thousand can't help laughing: "Strange?"? When will you join my Maoshan Sect and learn the method of chanting? Xiao Gui smiled mysteriously and began to recite. When Xiao Qian listened carefully, it turned out that he had just prepared the ingredients and dosage of the fossil pill himself. "Did you write it all down?" He gaped. The visitor looked at him sympathetically. "Didn't I tell you?"? The kid has a photographic memory, so it's not difficult for him not to forget. Chien blinked and said, "Wow, I have to pay attention!"! "Otherwise, if I slip my tongue and let you learn the unique skill of passing it on to the forbidden outsiders in the sect, I won't have to bear the great sin of being wronged by Shu Shi for betraying his ancestors." Xiao Gui laughed and said, "If you've missed something you shouldn't have said." Just let me know. I'll wash it out of the bag. "Really?" "Can your memory be manipulated so freely?" Said Xiao Qian. Gui smiled. "If you don't believe me.." Try it and you'll see. "Forget it!" With a wave of his hand, DIN screw plug ,die casting parts, Xiao Qian said, "I'm not a real kid when I get up. If I believe it, I'm a fool.". The best way not to leak is not to mention it yourself, otherwise you can't keep it secret! "I agree with you." The guest road smiles gently: "I always think, say the kind of 'I tell you, you don't tell others' words, is the most boring." Xiao Gui said with a smile, "Actually, the person who said that kind of thing wants you to help him spread the secret. How can you not understand his feelings?" This made all three of them laugh. As soon as Xiao Qian looked at the sun, it was already noon, and there was no time to go. Together with Xiao Gui and Ke Tu, he smeared the fossil Dan on the tablet and began to carve the tombstone for the Yin Shi clan. With the help of the fossil elixir, the three of them move their fingers like flying. In a few moments, more than a hundred tombstones have been written. Xiao Gui remembered that he had just pointed to the hardship of carving the tablet with the powerful gold, and cried out that his hands and hooves were so painful that he was wronged. This incident caused Ke Tu and Xiao Qian to make fun of him. Xiao Gui comforted himself by saying, "So you can see my sincerity. Just laugh!" The three of them were busy washing the carved tombstone and moving it to the car, ready to go to the cemetery. These jobs are labor-saving things, Xiao Gui can not help but whimsical, asked why not wait until night to bury, so it is good to ask Yin Shimin to help. The little devil thought of the more than one hundred years of "zombie photography" of the people of Yin. "If you don't use it, it will be cheaper for him, and the three of you will be tired to death." Don't be delusional! Little Qian poured cold water on him and said, "When you saw him, you heard that someone was buried at night?"? That's a bad thing, you know? Not to mention the night, as long as the sunset dusk, it is the intersection of heaven and earth, from Yang to Yin, it is not suitable for funeral, so we have to move quickly, we have to finish burying the coffin before sunset. As for the piecemeal projects around the cemetery, it is useless to rush night work. "You didn't say so!" Xiao Gui and Ke Tu shouted in unison, "It's noon now. There are only three hours left. There are so many coffins to be buried. What are we waiting for?" "It's no use saying so," said Xiao Qian with a wry smile. I have calculated that none of the 107 birthdays can be buried before noon today, and it is useless to rush. "This is called an act of God," said the guest with a smile! Maybe God wants to test whether we have the ability to help the Yin family. Otherwise, how could everything be arranged so cleverly that only the three of us were busy with it from beginning to end? "The will of heaven is the will of heaven," said Xiao Gui with a smile! Anyway, now that we have broadcast this matter, it is natural for good people to do it to the end and send the Buddha to the West. I accept my fate! The three of them looked at each other with a smile, without complaint, and worked harder to carry all the tombstones to the car and to the manor. Subsequently, three people armed with shovels and pickaxes, under the measurement of small thousand,car radiator cap, one by one marked the place suitable for burial coffins, desperately digging up. At this time, they are really rushing to work!. autoparts-dx.com

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