Fengyue Liancheng (exclusive full text)

Her face,Diameter tape measure, which had been plump and white, had been withered and browned by the night wind, and her youth and beauty had been turned into ugly and haggard by the endless years. The only thing that remained unchanged was the expectant smile at the corners of her mouth.

Solemn and magnificent, majestic and exquisite, are beyond the imagination of mortals, as if created by miracles, standing under the endless yellow sky. But they are all ruined. The magnificent palaces were in pieces, the bases several feet high were tilted at an incredible angle, and the other half was immersed in the rising dust, which at a glance looked like a huge shadow suspended on the ruins, revealing a breathtaking desolation and fear. Ten feet wide cracks crisscrossed down the tall palace walls, as if they had been deeply split by the tomahawks of the gods, and the delicate corridors were like damaged limbs, withered and long, twisted and hanging on the shocking cracks. Looking up, in the gray sky, most of the doors and windows turned into deep black holes, only a few were hanging alone in the air, but they were the last scattered teeth of the old man. Acacia stands at the entrance of a narrow lane, with walls several feet high on both sides, on which dark red murals are mottled, recording the prosperity of unknown years and months. Dust, falling like a drizzle, piled thick dust on the ground under her feet. The dusty road stretched out to the yellow shadows in the distance, as if no one had set foot on it for thousands of years. Broken, desolate and lonely are the only signs here. She looked around blankly,Horse weight lbs, but she didn't know when she came here. As if a memory had been erased, she seemed to have been thrown into a long-abandoned corner unintentionally. Everything, like waking up from a dream, saw the sun shining through the curtain, shining out the yellow dust in the corner of the attic, which gradually expanded into a bizarre world, very clear. As if from a dust-laden memory, but in any case can not remember, this memory has appeared in which part of life. And I have long been forgotten in this unknown memory. A deep fear rose from her heart. Is there anyone? She exclaimed tentatively. There was only her echo all around,Walking measuring wheel, echoing in the ruins of endless desolation. The evening wind blew, bringing a cloud of dead dust. It stretched out in an endless yellow, and there was no end in sight. Lovesickness calmed his mind, wrapped his body tightly in his thin clothes, and walked forward against the wind. She had to find a way out. Through the incomplete walls on both sides, the scenery outside can be seen faintly. Beyond the ruins, there are still ruins. Beyond that, there is boundless floating dust. Acacia walks through the deserted streets. She saw a dilapidated teahouse, with four snake-shaped stone pillars on which the tent had collapsed and was buried in thick dust. A long stone table was placed horizontally in the middle of the stone pillar, more than a dozen tea bowls were scattered, and a delicately decorated kettle was placed in the middle, with the lid open, as if someone was still drinking. Next to the teahouse, there was a strange carriage. Through the deep dust, it can be seen that the carriage is painted with bright red lacquer, the axles and bars are wrapped with gold foil, the carriage is decorated with vines, Adhesive fish ruler ,Wheel tape measure, animals and palace carvings, and the curtain of the door is densely decorated with serpentine patterns, which spread out in gorgeous colors, revealing a lingering and joyful atmosphere. This is a carriage for the bride. A flower made of red silk was tied to the top of the carriage, and gold and silver carvings were inserted in the red silk, revealing the prosperity of many years ago, but it had already been blown dark brown by the wind, as thin as a cicada's wing, and would turn into dust at a touch. Disaster seems to come in an instant. In the dusk of many years ago, the residents of this city were living leisurely in the evening wind, the shouts of merchants, the play of children, the smoke of the streets.. A wedding procession stopped for a while on the way to rest in the teahouse beside the street. The owner of the teahouse was happy and filled with blessings for this special group of guests. Just then, the disaster that could destroy the city came, and these people had no time to put away their joy, and they had disappeared without a trace. From then on, the time and space of the city was frozen at that moment. The cheerful drum music turned into the whistling of the evening wind and echoed over the city. Dust, like the rain at dusk, has been falling for thousands of years. Where the hell is this? What happened here? Why are you standing in the streets of this abandoned city? Lovesickness looked around blankly and felt a deep doubt in his heart. Before she knew it, she turned an abandoned fountain, and at the end of the long street, a gentle slope unfolded before her eyes. The gentle slope has been covered by yellow dust, leaving only a few abrupt boulders, a damaged carved fence, and a few withered rotten trees. They are scattered sadly in the dust and rain, holding their heads high to the sky, as if they were still telling about the luxury they once had here. I don't know how many years ago, it was a beautiful garden. In the middle of the gentle slope, in the core of the garden, a tall domed stone pavilion still stands, and the original white stone pavilion has been attacked by dust, showing a dark yellow color, showing endless desolation in the sunset. However, although the dust and rain eroded the white color of the stone pavilion, it did not change its magnificent posture. It was like the skeleton of a dead giant, still standing in the yellow dust all over the sky, forming a striking contrast with the surrounding ruins, showing a kind of soul-stirring and solemn. The stone pavilion is thirty feet high, the dome is raised, there is no superfluous carving, four huge snakes circling down, the tail of the snake is entangled in the dome, turning into two flowers, but the head of the snake converges in the stone pavilion, holding a huge stone tripod from the four directions of east, west, north and south. The clear water inside the stone tripod has dried up, replaced by a layer of dust emitting the smell of corruption. The evening wind is rising and the smoke is floating. Acacia plucked up his courage and climbed slowly to the gentle slope. After two steps, he was shocked to find that in front of a stone pillar, there was a rotten skeleton. It was a slender girl, dressed in a bright red wedding dress, leaning on a huge stone pillar, facing the street in the distance. Her face,Diameter tape measure, which had been plump and white, had been withered and browned by the night wind, and her youth and beauty had been turned into ugly and haggard by the endless years. The only thing that remained unchanged was the expectant smile at the corners of her mouth. tapemeasure.net

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