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In an instant, its body shrank by a quarter,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, and the skin of the soul was wrinkled like the old bark. Two or three seconds later, the soul stopped twitching, and its superfluous life was completely over.

At the beginning, it was because of the request of the fairy goddess, so Zhou Tiancai would set up a twelve gods array in their divine world. And after laying down the array of the twelve gods, the role of the array did not disappoint the elves and goddesses. Under the protection of the array of the twelve gods, they did not lose much even if they were attacked by the group of overseas creatures again. The Elf Goddess, who had had a defensive experience, naturally knew how much role the Twelve Gods had played in this matter, and how much loss they had reduced in the divine world. To tell you the truth, the fairy goddess did not have any regrets about the twelve gods. If she had a choice again, the fairy goddess would still make the same decision. However, although things are said to be the same thing, but not all the gods can understand the idea of the fairy goddess. In the eyes of the elves and goddesses, they have made a profit in the divine world after they laid down the evil array of the twelve gods. But the other gods had other ideas. The gods who have had the last defensive experience are better. Those who are new to the divine world do not know the reality of the divine world. Many new gods in the divine world still think that the strength of the divine world is so strong that they can easily defeat those overseas creatures even without the protection of the twelve gods. In this way, without realizing the help of the twelve gods, the new gods will naturally not realize the importance of the twelve gods. Those new gods who did not know what they would encounter without the Twelve Gods Shazhen, at that time, would only think that the Twelve Gods Shazhen blocked their entry and exit. And in such a case, those new gods will not only not regard the twelve gods as the heroes who protect them, but will instead regard them as a hindrance. This is also the reason why the new gods have no way to destroy the twelve gods array, otherwise if they know how to break the array,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, it is estimated that the twelve gods array will not be destroyed in the hands of those overseas creatures and will definitely be destroyed by those new gods. The fairy goddess doesn't know this? That, of course, is impossible. It is estimated that the Elf Goddess knows better than anyone what the new gods under her have in mind, but even if the Elf Goddess knows what the new gods under her have in mind, she can't do anything about it. If you want to explain these things clearly, then the fairy goddess will naturally need to confess everything. But now the question is, if we do that, then it means that the new gods will know the real situation of the divine world today. At the thought of the possible reaction of her new gods when they knew the status quo of the divine world, whether they cared about her face or not, the fairy goddess did not want to let her strength suffer for any reason. So. Even if it wasn't her fault, there was no need to worry that the new gods would really threaten her position. But when all the new gods had opinions about her, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,stainless steel welded pipe, the fairy goddess had some pressure more or less at that time. From the heart, the fairy goddess was unwilling to bear that pressure. Final. That is to say, in such a situation, now when the fairy goddess sees Zhou Tian. Naturally, she could not help feeling a little excited, and in her heart she was directly thinking about the matter of asking Zhou Tian to help her. As a result, because of the gap in mentality between the two sides, it also made the two sides deadlocked there, the fairy goddess first failed to persevere and was soft in front of Zhou Tian. Cough ~ cough! This time I don't know the sea emperor, what do you mean by coming to our divine world? If there is anything that can help, please just mention it. What we can do in the divine world will certainly help you. It's just that now the twelve gods are really no longer needed after the group of overseas creatures have retreated. If you can, how about taking it with you when you leave? Although there was no explicit statement, but the words of the fairy goddess were almost clear, and after listening to the words of the fairy goddess, Zhou Tian's face was directly smiling at that time. Although the mouth is not willing to admit, but in the end the fairy goddess that words are undoubtedly in order to let oneself take away the twelve gods and give in. According to the meaning of the words of the fairy goddess. As long as they don't go back on their words in the end. Then the purpose of Zhou Tian's visit to the divine world this time is that it is almost completed. Thinking of that, Zhou Tian smiled, but casually mentioned his plan at that time. As Zhou Tian thought, after listening to his proposal, the fairy goddess hesitated for a moment and agreed to help him. According to the situation of the divine world at this time, judging from the current performance of the fairy goddess, she is quite reluctant to participate in the battle against overseas forces on Sunday. It's not that she doesn't hate the overseas forces, but that the elves want to preserve their strength in the divine world. Probably in the eyes of the fairy goddess, anyway, whether she participates in Zhou Tian or not, it is impossible to let go of those overseas forces! In this way, she can sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight. After Zhou Tian and the overseas forces fought out a result, she could also occupy more interests at that time. But at the moment, because of the evil array of the twelve gods. The fairy goddess chose to yield. If Zhou Tian does not take away the twelve gods, then their divine world will be completely isolated from the outside world. In such a case, even the ability to go out is gone, and the calculation of the fairy goddess is naturally meaningless. Unless the fairy goddess is really willing not to contact with the outside world for a lifetime, otherwise, according to the situation at that time,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, when facing the threat of Zhou Tian, no matter how the fairy goddess thinks, she has to yield to Zhou Tian. sxthsteel.com

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