The Strongest Dad in the Other World

He had to admit that some ministers were right. If they didn't do something, maybe they didn't have to wait for their generation to die. Everything they created should be a wedding dress for the alien race.

What? Queen Saint Guerlain could hardly believe her ears. "I have observed him for a long time. The greatest characteristic of this human being is that he likes children. Children are the driving force of his behavior. He can take unlimited responsibility for his children regardless of everything. Therefore, you must make every effort to give birth to a child for him and tie him to our night elves." To ensure the future survival of the night elves, said the Moon Goddess Elyses. But. But The night elf queen, Saint Guerlain, stammered, however, she was ashamed to tell the Moon Goddess about her two humiliations at the hands of Jiang Rankong. I know about you and him. There's no emotion in the voice of the Moon Goddess. But. Even if you are sacrificed, you must give him a child. Don't tell me how much you hate him. You know what's in your heart, so you have to finish this task. The Moon Goddess has officially given an oracle to Saint Guerlain. Hearing this, Queen Saint Guerlain's face immediately turned red, especially the words "You know what you think in your heart.". She almost found a crack in the ground. Supreme Moon Goddess, how can you know that I still miss him? How can you know what I think. Alas, how could I be like this, how could I be attracted to a person who abused himself like this! "I am a woman without shame," thought Queen Saint-Guerlain, blushing. Be that as it may. Queen Saint Guerlain or Lixuan bowed to the Moon Goddess and answered very firmly, "Yes.". Goddess, Saint Guerlain will do her best to accomplish this task! The smoke of the Moon Goddess soon disappeared. Queen St. Guerlain went out of the temple and came to the treasure of the palace. She turned out a bottle of potion from a corner. The bottle was painted with primitive patterns and patterns, which seemed to have a long history. He ordered the palace maids to fill their huge baths with hot water. The night elf queen opened the vial and poured out the liquid. The water in the bath first bubbled, then quickly changed color, and finally, the bubbles disappeared, and the water changed from clear and transparent to light green. Queen St. Guerlain, under the service of her maid,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, took off all her clothes and went in naked, completely immersing her body in the pool. The pool was as cool as mint. Soon, when the water was quiet again, the Queen of Saint Guerlain rose from the pool. The maids immediately covered their mouths and looked shocked in their eyes. See the night elf queen Saint Guerlain originally dark skin, has now become completely white, originally a long black hair, now turned into a light golden, is the whole person from the night elves into white elves features, only her slender figure, still has not changed. Queen Saint Guerlain came out of the water, came to the mirror, looked at her body carefully, dap diammonium phosphate ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and after not finding any flaws, she nodded slightly. Command, as of today. All the affairs of the Night Elves will be handled by the Council of Elders. The king will go on a long journey. If you need to find the king, you can use the magic bird to inform me. The night elf queen, Saint Guerlain, cut her finger and dropped a drop of her blood on the top of a magic bird in front of her. In this way, she established a spiritual connection with the magic bird. No matter where she was, the magic bird could find it as quickly as possible. Queen St. Guerlain curled up her hair and ordered the maid to fetch a white elf costume, then dressed neatly, now. Standing in front of them, is the image of a white elf beauty, Saint Guerlain Queen and slightly modified, now, even their own almost do not recognize themselves. Jiang Rankong. Our war has just begun. Queen Saint Guerlain looked at herself in the mirror and said to herself, her tone was indescribably firm. White elf collar. Forest worship "Ran Ran". Is it fun?. Jiang Rankong put Ran Ran on his chest, and under his seat was a white unicorn, galloping heartily in the forest. Caesar, the white elf king, even lent him the unicorn temporarily in order to save Jiang Rankong, hoping that he could stay for a longer time. Of course, Jiang Rankong has no intention of leaving the white elves in a short time. He plans to at least restore the spirit of Ran Ran to a normal state before leaving the territory of the white elves. The air is very fresh, and it is the most suitable place for recovery treatment. Jiang Rankong also restored his original human appearance, tall and strong, powerful and vigorous, more heroic and magnificent temperament than the strongest warriors of the white elves. "Ajani looked at it from a long distance and was fascinated again." Interesting. Daddy Ran Ran replied, "It's just that the unicorn is running too fast, and Ran Ran is a little scared." Too soon? If you get on dad's ride, the golden-winged ROC. That's really fast. It's like an old cow pulling a broken car. "Don't be afraid of Ran Ran. I'll take you out and run a few laps every day. It won't be long before you won't be afraid." Jiang Rankong said. Jiang Rankong constantly eliminates the adverse effects of Poseidon on Ran Ran, and he is confident that he will teach his children the best. Behind them, the fairy princess Ajani is quietly watching, watching what happened to Jiang Rankong. This period of time, Ajani every day to accompany Jiang Rankong's side, since the goddess of nature gave her the task is to give Jiang Rankong a child in any case, Ajani naturally go all out, not to mention, this is her inner desire. Jiang Rankong took the sequence ran to play for a while, seeing that it was going to be late, and then returned to the queue with Ran. Ajiani came forward with a smile, took out a towel, and wiped the sweat off her face for Jiang Rankong and Jing Ran. She was very gentle and looked like a good wife and mother,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, but she still looked a little shy. Just as the party was about to go back, there was a loud cry in the forest. Help me. Help me, there is Warcraft! A female voice getting closer and closer immediately reached the ears of Jiang Ran Kong and his party. Jiang Rankong turned his head and saw that there was a white elf woman running in front of him in the forest.

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