The Tang Dynasty of the Beginning of God

Lin Xiao walked in all directions to Luo Hou's house in Feiye City. Among the many families in Feiye City. Only Luo Hou's house is in the city. This house is three miles long and wide. There's a lot going on inside.

The three wonders of Huangshan Mountain are wine, tea and soup. In addition to the world-famous Huangshan Huaniang, Taiping Houkui and Huangshan Yunwu teas, there is also a kind of clear soup made of mushrooms and fresh shellfish, which is a specialty of Huangshan Mountain. It is very delicious, so it is known as the three wonders of Huangshan. It turns out that this is not the venue of Huangshan Lunwu. It was only because of the large number of people in the martial arts world who received Jianghu Tie that they found the venue temporarily. The real venue of Lunwu is on the Lunwu Platform of Tiandu Peak, which is higher than this venue on the top of Tiandu Peak. Several masters directed their disciples to clean up the dead and wounded underworld figures, and the rest of the miscellaneous people slowly dispersed. I looked at Master Wan Shankui, who ordered his disciples to deliver the meal to Lunwutai. I took a glance at Mao Fang, who was getting close to Wukong. Worried, I approached Master Wan and asked, "Is the food prepared by Master Wan enough?" Wan Shankui was stunned. "My disciple's appetite is probably.." I whispered. "Huh?" Headmaster Wan turned pale with fright this time. He couldn't help thinking about whether he should shorten the seven-day Huangshan Lunwu in previous years to three days or two days. Otherwise, as soon as the two gits left, his Huangshan faction would declare bankruptcy. Wan Shankui seemed a little distressed to look at Wukong and Mao Fang, and suddenly decided not to open Huangshan Lunwu next year, but to open Huashan Lunjian! Chapter 69 Ao Jian Kuang Shen! At the foot of Mount Huangshan Lunwu Platform, several fine houses built along the forest became the resting place of Mount Huangshan Lunwu. We were arranged to rest in one of the fine houses. After freshening up, we went to attend the banquet of cooking wine and discussing martial arts prepared by Master Wan tonight. Nalunwutai is a broad rock platform at the top of the peak. It looks like a boxing ring,pallet rack shelving, but it is wider. There are tables and chairs formed by natural rocks around it, which can be used for dozens of people to sit and rest. If someone performs on the ring, it is a wonderful viewing venue. In Jingshe, I held the purple smoke in my arms and lovingly took off the scarf on her face. "Does it still hurt?" I asked. Purple smoke saw the sisters around, some shy slightly shook his head. I gently wiped away the blood on the scar with a scarf. The wound had formed a pink soft scab. I was relieved. With the efficacy of Fu Shen and the effect of my blood, such a small wound would never leave a scar. The healing energy was carefully used to treat the small wound again,push back racking system, and the active energy was enough to cure the serious wound, and the blood scab solidified at a speed visible to the naked eye. I took back the shining white awn on my palm, and with my little finger, I touched the scab of blood that had almost broken away from the skin, and he fell down, revealing the delicate pink skin below. I kissed the purple smoke on the cheek and said with a smile, "Look!"! Ok! My purple smoke is still so beautiful! Yu Rou lovingly patted her round chest with her little hand, which made the pair of jade rabbits tremble and beat. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Fortunately, Sister Ziyan is all right!"! I was so scared just now! I can not help but see the mind up, since with me this Nizi has developed a good figure more attractive up, just look at it will feel that people have a feeling of rising blood pressure, but that innocent smiling face often let me have a sense of guilt, Automated warehouse systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, pain ah! Looked at the side of the six women, feeling as long as the men around them will be dizzy, even if it is a eunuch! That kind of soul-stirring beauty is somewhat unacceptable, they are like the high goddess, the world has to crawl at their feet, but now the goddesses are around me, which makes me feel a sense of pride. The mature charm of carbuncle, the fiery and unrestrained purple smoke, the noble and elegant cicada, the lovely elves with soft language, and the attractive amorous feelings of the lips in the eyes of the two sisters formed a shocking visual effect around me. Hee hee ~ "Yu Rou and Qing Zhu two girls chuckled, Zhu Er mischievously way:" Xiaoyao childe unexpectedly also has the time to look silly! No one can resist the beauty of our four famous concubines. I came to my senses and laughed twice. My silly appearance made all the girls laugh. Zhu Er laughed the loudest, apparently in order to make me happy. I reached out my hand and scooped her into my arms. With a bad smile, I rubbed my chin against her soul-stirring crisp chest and said, "Well, you little girl, dare to laugh at me!"! See what I can do to you! Being hugged by me, Zhu Er, who was attacked in the forbidden zone in front of her chest, was itching and screaming, laughing out of breath, only desperately begging for mercy. "All the girls watched it in a funny way, laughing and laughing endlessly." Master worker Redjade heard Wukong shouting outside Jingshe. "All right, all right," she said! Don't make out any more, we're all going to be jealous! Go out and see what your precious apprentice is up to! I was pushed out of the door by all the girls, and my teeth were itching to rush to Wukong's voice. How could I get rid of the fire in my heart without beating him! "Eh?" "Wukong and Mao Fang stood outside Jingshe like a God, blocking a man outside. It turned out to be Feng Xuan, a disciple of Huashan with an embarrassed face." Brother Wind, what are you doing here? "Why are you standing here like two pillars?" I asked strangely. "Shifu has something important to do inside," said Wukong with a solemn face. "No one is allowed to enter."! As a disciple, I have the responsibility to guard the house for Shifu! That's why I'm here with Lao Mao! Mao Fang, with a loyal look on his face, pointed his big head fiercely. Dizzy! What "important" things can I have to do in there? Why are you so ambiguous, you dead monkey? Destroy my glorious image! Gave Goku a "I'll deal with you later!" He smiled at Feng Xuan and said, "What's the matter with Brother Feng?"? Didn't you say it would be a while before dinner? "No," said Feng Xuan with a smile. "It was the teacher who was concerned about the girl's injury and ordered me to send her the elixir, Five Dew Jade Lotus Ointment, so as not to leave a scar." He stared blankly at the six girls who came out of the house after hearing the sound. This was the reaction of everyone who saw the six girls' appearance for the first time. He was in a daze before he came to his senses. He said with an embarrassed smile, "These swordswomen are so beautiful. I'm so rude!" It's not easy for this man to come to his senses so quickly when he sees the six women without veils. This elixir is made with our secret recipe of Huashan Mountain,heavy duty cantilever racks, which is very good for the wound. "He looked at Ziyan and found that Ziyan's wound had healed. He was surprised and said," Girl, your wound. ".

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