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And looking at the man who stood up slowly from the center of the sea of the dead, his face was boundless as if he were dead, his body was constantly oozing with a vast gray breath, drowning everything around him in his own shadow, his empty eyes seemed to be staring at the reality under t

"But," said Wharton slowly, "I think we should also be modest and not jump to conclusions. What kind of person is she? "One of those ordinary women you meet every day at bridge." Wharton nodded knowingly. This makes things even harder to figure out. He said She's coming to see me. We have to repeat all the questions again. "It was the only way," Walton said, "but I couldn't stand it. I don't have the patience. He stood up. Well, I won't keep you any longer. We haven't made much progress yet, have we? Unfortunately, not yet. Please check the Oslo report specifically. That's a possible location. Wharton nodded and went out. The other man picked up the receiver and said, 'I want to see Mrs Betterton now. Invite her in. He sat in a stupor until there was a knock at the door and Mrs Betterton was brought in. She was a tall woman, about twenty-six or twenty-seven years old. One of her most striking features is her extremely beautiful red hair. Beneath her beautiful red hair,fine bubble diffuser, her face seemed almost insignificant. As we often see on the face of a redhead, she also has a pair of blue-green eyes with light eyelashes. She was not dressed up, he noticed. As he welcomed her into a comfortable chair beside his desk, he considered why she was not dressed up. This inclined him a little to think that Lady Betterton knew more than she had ever admitted. In his experience,Dissolved Gas Flotation, women who are extremely sad and worried usually do not neglect to dress themselves. Aware of the damage grief has done to their faces, they do their best to repair the damage. He suspected that Mrs Betterton had deliberately kept herself out of disguise in order to better play the role of a distracted wife. She panted: "Oh, Mr. Jessop, I hope there's some news." ? He shook his head and said gently: I am sorry to ask you to come like this again, Lady Betterton. We can't give you any definite information yet. Olive Betterton said quickly. : I know that. You said so in your letter. But, I don't know, after that if # 8212; # 8212; Oh I'm glad to be here. It's the worst thing to stay at home and wonder and think all day. 。 Because you can't do anything! The man named Jessop comforted her and said: 'Lady Betterton, rotary vacuum disc filters ,Belt Filter Press, I beg you not to mind if I ask you the same question again and again, and stress the same points. Understand that there is always the possibility that you will suddenly think of something trivial, something you have not thought of before, or something you have not thought worth mentioning in the past. Yes, yes, I understand that. Please ask me everything again. "The last time you saw your husband was on the 23rd of August?" "Yes." "That's when he left England for a meeting in Paris?" "Yes." Jessop went on quickly. He attended the first two days of the meeting. He did not attend on the third day. He is said to have told one of his colleagues that he was not going to attend the meeting that day, but was going on a trip on the bateau mouche. "Fly boat"? What is a 'fly boat' '? "? Jessop smiled. It's the kind of boat that sails on the Seine. He looked at her warily. Do you think this is not quite like what your husband did? She said suspiciously: "Not quite.". I think he will take part in all the discussions at the meeting with great enthusiasm. "It's possible.". However, the topic discussed that day was not the one he was interested in. Therefore, he may have a reason to give himself a day off. But do you think your husband is unlikely to do so? She shook her head. He did not return to his hotel that night, "Jessop continued," and as far as can be ascertained, he did not cross the border. "Do you think he might have another passport, under some other name?" "Oh, no.". Why would he have it? Jessop looked at her. Have you never seen him have such a thing? She shook her head vigorously. No, and I don't believe he has a second passport. I can never believe that such a thing will happen. I don't believe he left on purpose, as you're trying to find out. Something must have happened to him, or he may have lost his memory. 。 "Has he always been in good health?" "Yes.". He works very hard and sometimes feels a little tired, that's all. "Did he show any signs of worry or depression?" "He wasn't bothered or depressed by anything." With trembling fingers, she opened her handbag and took out her handkerchief. "It's all so terrible," she said in a trembling voice. "I can't believe it.". He never used to leave me without telling me. Something must have happened to him. He may have been kidnapped, or perhaps he was attacked by gangsters. I try not to think of it that way, but sometimes I think it has to end like this. He must be dead. 'Please Don't think so, Mrs Betterton. There's no need to speculate like that yet. If he had died, his body would have been found by now. Not necessarily. Terrible things happen all the time. He may have been drowned or pushed into a sewer. I believe anything can happen in Paris. "I assure you,MBR reactor, Lady Betterton, that Paris is a safe city." She took her handkerchief away from her eyes and stared at Jessop angrily. I know what you're thinking, but that's not what happened. Tom won't sell secrets or give them away. He lived an open and aboveboard life. 。

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