Legend of Menghua

Xu Dingjiang is calm on the surface, but his heart is set off a storm,

Xu Dingjiang is calm on the surface, but his heart is set off a storm, he thought his mother was imprisoned at most, did not expect to be trapped in the sea of fire, how painful such a death. Xu Dingjiang clenched his teeth, deeply afraid that as long as he had a slight movement, he could not help but kill the other side with one punch, and missed important things. When his father Xu Jing passed away, Xu Dingjiang was sad, but he was open-minded by nature and open-minded about life and death. He thought of Xu Jing so dismembered in an instant. Although it seemed tragic, from the perspective of suffering, he was much happier than the average person. At least he might not even have time to suffer. So Xu Dingjiang was in a low mood. Finally, I can look at this matter more rationally. But what kind of torture is it to know that your mother was burned alive under serious injury? Such grief almost made him unbearable, and it was not easy to endure until the Venerable finished speaking. Xu Dingjiang turned his eyes, and the fierce light in his eyes made the Venerable shudder. Xu Dingjiang nodded very slowly and said in a hoarse voice, "Although you lie a lot, you also let me know a lot." I'll give you a good time. What pleasure? The Great Venerable was stunned when he saw a dazzling red light and shadow suddenly expand. In an instant, a burst of energy hit his face. He felt a sharp pain in his head and chest at the same time. He lost his mind in an instant and rolled down in a muddle. In the last moment of his life, he didn't even have time to think. Not long ago,Inflatable water park factory, Xu Ya and others saw Xu Dingjiang suddenly flying out of the dense forest and into the sky. Because of the cover of the trees above, Xu Ya looked and could not see why, so he did not watch any more. He only ordered the troops to rest quietly. Unexpectedly, after a while, suddenly there was a loud bang in front of them, with the noise of passing through the branches and forests. It seemed that something had fallen down from the air. Is it the little prince? Xu Ya surprised, also can't wait for the soldiers to return, immediately bounce up to check,Inflatable water park on lake, ran to a look, although Xu Ya frowned, but also relieved, although this person died very ugly, head and face blurred can not recognize what character, but look at the clothes and figure also know is not Xu Dingjiang.. But how did this guy show up like this? At this time Bai Mei also ran to the face of horror, a look is not Xu Dingjiang, she mentioned the heart suddenly a loose, suddenly the whole body is weak, bang down on the ground. I wonder where this man came from? Inexplicably, Xu Ya was looking up to the sky when he saw another figure suddenly falling: This time it was really Xu Dingjiang. Xu Ya was stunned and did not know how to ask questions. Buried. Xu Dingjiang gave orders to the onlookers and followed them to Xu Ya. His face was very ugly and he said, "Uncle Xu.." There was a change in the plan. After burying the man, the troops immediately traveled ten kilometers north to hide in the dense forest. Someone in the air is checking. In the air? Xu Ya said in astonishment, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable water obstacle course, "Are those venerable ones..?" "My mother." Xu Dingjiang took a deep breath and gritted his teeth and said, "My mother died in their hands.." The thunderous news greatly shocked Xu Ya's body and mind, and in an instant, Xu Ya was almost completely unable to think. Bai Mei was also shocked, but her feelings with Chen Jinglu were not deep after all, and she soon regained her composure; she went to Xu Dingjiang's side, took Xu Dingjiang's hand in silence, and hung her head without saying a word.. At this time, there is no better way than to let him not feel lonely. Suddenly, Xu Dingjiang's hand tightened so tightly that Bai Mei almost cried out in pain. She looked up and saw a string of tears rolling down Xu Dingjiang's red tiger eyes. She heard Xu Dingjiang sobbing and whispering: "She.." She was burned to death. How is this possible.. Is it true? Looking at Xu Dingjiang so sad, Bai Mei's heart is painful. And compared with Xu Dingjiang's heartache at this time, what is his pain? After a while, the shocked Xu Ya ordered his men to move at any time, and after the troops could move at any time, the pale Xu Ya returned to Xu Dingjiang's side, but seeing Xu Dingjiang's look, who had the heart to disturb him at this time? I'm not going to the capital now. "Xu Dingjiang finally spoke. He raised his head and said slowly," These damn guys, one of them.. Maybe it's in Fallen Star Lake. I'll go there now. "Little Wang Ye!" Xu Ya paused and then said, "I will act according to the plan just now." Xu Dingjiang nodded. He couldn't think about whether it was right or not. He was about to leave when he found that Bai Mei was still holding her hand tightly. Xu Dingjiang turned his head and saw Bai Mei staring at him and said softly, "Remember.." And I'm with you. You must come back. When Xu Dingjiang heard this, he felt a little warmth in the pain. He nodded with difficulty, let go of Bai Mei's hand, and flew straight into the air with all his strength. When the Great Venerable died in an instant, over the Falling Star Lake, in the air between the Falling Star Lake and the capital, and in the capital, one person suddenly turned pale with fright, and a feeling of suspicion and consternation gushed out of his heart. The Great Venerable.. Died? Who killed him? How? The man in Fallen Star Lake, as the Great Venerable said before he died, was the second Venerable who had a more headstrong personality. Her face changed, and she did not care to continue to monitor the troops in Fallen Star Lake. She turned around and flew to the west to find out what had happened. Falling Star Lake is only 500 kilometers away from the capital, which is still the distance on the ground. For them flying in the air, it doesn't take half a day to get to the place where the accident happened. However, the two venerable flew halfway, then suddenly slowed down, only to see another figure suddenly appeared in front of her, but some flustered three venerable. As soon as the Second Venerable left, he found that the Third Venerable on the way and the Fourth Venerable in the capital were all coming towards him. The Second Venerable turned around and thought that it would be better to meet them first, so he deviated a little and met the Third Venerable first. As soon as they met, neither of them knew how to talk about it. They both knew it had happened, but neither of them had seen it. After a while, the Three Venerable said, "Second Sister,Inflatable indoor park, eldest brother.." He looks older than the two venerable ones, but I don't know how their names are decided? "What else is there to say?" The Second Venerable looked cold and said, "He must have been killed by the boy surnamed Xu." 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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