Compressor manufacturers

Compressor manufacturers Compressor manufacturers

Compressor manufacturers Air compressor/screw compressor/power frequency compressor/inverter air compressor is to provide compressed air supply equipment for garlic peeling machine/garlic rice color sorter/garlic rice packing machine/garlic rice cleaning machine in garlic rice processing plants. It compresses the atmospheric air sucked in from the outside through the screw, bolt and other mechanisms, stores it in a pressure vessel, and sends it to various production workshops through pipelines. Some equipment that needs compressed air such as the drying station of a washing machine , The cylinders of garlic rice packaging machines and other equipment all need high-pressure air with a pressure of 0.4-1.0MPa to operate, and the use of air compressors is to produce high-pressure air. Features 鈼?Integral design, stable performance, small footprint; 鈼?High efficiency, low noise; 鈼?Compact structure, time-saving, power-saving and high production efficiency; 鈼?Convenient maintenance and low failure rate;Compressor manufacturers website:

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