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Just after the wedding leave, Ye Yuner just went back to work

Just after the wedding leave, Ye Yuner just went back to work and got the keen attention of her colleagues. At the wedding, because of the total reason, she did not invite her colleagues here. In order to apologize, she specially prepared gifts for everyone today, and also wrapped the wedding candies one by one. Jing Shan has a wedding album with wedding photos and some life photos of her and Jiang Yulei, which are warm and sweet. In the past, Ye Yuner's colleagues only knew Jiang Yulei, a young and tall officer, and only after looking at the photos did they know that Ye Yuner's husband was so handsome and extraordinary. Colleague Malu is an introverted and shy young man, but he is very serious and persistent in his work. He is deeply loved by the editor-in-chief. He is a little inflexible. He has been working here for so long. Ye Yuner has also taken the initiative to say hello to Malu, but Malu has never taken the initiative to say a word to her. The whole company, Jingshan and he get along well, but Malu often helps Jingshan. Let Jing Shan's work performance rise too much. When Ye Yuner passed by, she took a casual glance and found that the photos of her and Jiang Yulei were placed in the center of the desk by Ma Lu Fang Fang! This! Ma Lu is thin, sometimes even smiling is very shy, manly to also can not see too much, should not. You won't covet her family, Jiang Yulei. She was silent and went to find Jingshan. Ah? There is such a thing! Jing Shan suddenly looked up from the pile of snacks on the table. He immediately got up and said, "Wait, I'll go and ask." "Hey,Small Dc Gear Motor, Shanshan!" As soon as she stopped Jingshan, Jingshan was already at Malu's desk. Ye Yuner looked at the two of them from this side, only to see Jing Shan anxiously said a push, and then Ma Lu pushed his glasses, Qingjun's face raised to look directly at Ye Yuner, and did not have a trace of dodge. It doesn't feel natural to her. Ye Yuner made a cup of coffee and turned back to her office. She was in a daze when she saw a pair of slender legs at her feet. As soon as she looked up, it was Malu. Let me explain. Malu said indifferently. The photo of your husband and you is very beautiful. I put it there for no other purpose. Please don't get me wrong. It's because- "Malu said this,Planetary Gear Motor, or paused, blushed a little, or said:" It's because it's very pleasing to the eye. I think it can improve my work efficiency. " "Huh?" Ye Yuner was stunned. I'll take it off if you mind. He said "No, no, it's all right." She said. In the face of Ye Yuner's beautiful eyes, the green and astringent boy who had just worked for a few years still blushed. Afterwards, Ye Yuner felt bad, so he proposed to invite Malu to dinner after work, and let Jingshan say that he thought Malu would refuse, but Malu simply agreed. After getting familiar with him, I realized that Malu was very particular about his life. He was a neat freak. His clothes looked very ordinary, but he was actually very picky. He was very concerned about the material and breathability of his clothes. He looked pretty and shy. In fact, he was quite hairy. Inadvertently get along, Ye Yuner and Jing Shan and Ma Lu unexpectedly very congenial, Ma Lu as a best friend, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,24v Gear Motor, this can not be said in front of Ma Lu ah, otherwise, I am afraid he will be angry. Today, the editor-in-chief is going to receive a big shot, which makes the whole office building nervous. Ye Yuner asked curiously, "Who is the editor-in-chief going to see?" "A city name, Anxin, Xiao Yunjie, to tell you, Anxin has a lot of background. Not to mention that she graduated from a famous school, the people above the municipal administration have a good relationship with her. She is often asked to do interviews with business celebrities. The editor-in-chief is very fawning." Jing Shan said. Ah! I know. My brother gave me an Anxin's business card a while ago and asked me if I knew him. Ye Yuner asked, "What do you mean? Why does Jing Heng inquire about her?" "Yoon, the editor-in-chief wants you to go to the office." A female colleague came over and whispered to Ye Yuner. Oh, I'm going. Ye Yuner got up and flicked Jingshan's forehead. Jingshan was so frightened that she closed her eyes and hid far away. The editor-in-chief's office is quiet. Ye Yuner looks at a woman in a professional suit. She is tall. From the side, her skin is very white. Her body is even. She has a kind of mature beauty, but she doesn't make it public. She looks very comfortable. Yoon, let me introduce you. This is Anxin, the name of our a city. Ye Yuner this is the first time to see her, smiled and nodded, Anxin slightly stunned, but the look quickly returned to calm. "Yes.." Ye Yuner? Anxin asked. So you know each other. The editor-in-chief laughed, relaxed and natural. Before Ye Yuner opened her mouth, she heard Anxin's light and fresh voice saying, "Miss Ye doesn't know me. Happy wedding." Meet for the first time, Ye Yuner has a good impression on Anxin, absolute intellectual beauty line, and successful career, is the target of many young aspiring girls in a city, the circle is also very popular. Thank you Ye Yuner said to her. The editor-in-chief looked at the atmosphere so relaxed and naturally happier, and said with a smile, "Our Yoon is the bride of the century." Originally thought that Anxin such a woman in the workplace must be difficult, did not expect to see me for the first time fresh as a lotus, treat people kindly and naturally, what is wrong with cooperation, Anxin will say directly, very happy. After receiving Anxin, Anxin basically talked about the cooperation project and was ready to leave. The editor-in-chief refused and prepared to entertain Anxin, but Anxin refused with a smile: "What should I do? I have a date." Everyone was stunned and then laughed, and so did Anxin, and everyone had a better impression of her. Elder Martial Sister! Ma Lu suddenly shouted, originally very low-key boys suddenly stood up such a loud voice, everyone looked sideways. Anxin looked back and bowed her head with a "giggle". It turned out that Malu and Anxin graduated from the same university. Embarrassed, she came over to the editor-in-chief and said, "Can you let my junior fellow apprentice leave early today?" The big reporter asked for someone in person, and the editor-in-chief dared not let him go. Don't deduct his salary. Anxin said with a smile. Ma Lu, standing beside Anxin,Micro Gear Motor, blushed and felt a little embarrassed. After all, Ma Lu was a model employee. When they walked together, Ma Lu put his hand on Anxin's shoulder intimately. He had never seen such an intimate action between Ma Lu and any heterosexual. Everyone was surprised to see this scene.

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