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"Are you looking for smoke?!"! Three million gold coins!

"Are you looking for smoke?!"! Three million gold coins! " 3100000 !" " 3200 000 !" "Four million gold coins!"! I want to order this equipment! The crazy woman has bid again. Today, she has bought six pieces of equipment by herself. Four million gold coins for the first time. Four million gold coins for the second time. Four million gold coins for the third time! Deal Hoss's face was full of joy. With the end of the auction of the last piece of equipment, the three-day auction conference also drew a successful conclusion. Just as the people attending the auction were about to get up and leave, a system message rang in the ears of every online player in the fantasy: "Rain Alliance, completed the task of upgrading the guild.". From the primary guild, to the intermediate guild! A stone stirs up a thousand waves, and the illusion is boiling inside! Rain League, the first guild in the illusion, the first guild in the residence, the first senior guild! The three firsts, the Rain Alliance, have a tendency to become the largest guild of fantasy! Chapter 157 of the main text has nothing to say about good luck. Hearing the system prompt, the members of the Rain Alliance in the Forest of the Undead could not help cheering! "Yay!"! Our Rain League is a senior guild! "Rain Alliance is the strongest!" "I love Yumeng!" "Long live the Rain Alliance!" "Sister, have we finished the task?" The kitten asked Ye Lin in disbelief. Ye Lin was stupefied, looked at the corpse of the undead general not far away,smart interactive whiteboard, nodded slightly, and said: "Well, the task has been completed." "Is that all right?"? What a surprise! The good baby shook his head and sighed. Tang Qin kicked a small stone on the ground and said gloomily, "Oh, I wanted to perform well, but I didn't expect that I didn't have a chance to perform at all!" "Anyway,digital touch screen board, the job is done." Ye Lin smiled and said, "I really didn't expect that our luck would be so good!" The women nodded approvingly, "Yes, the good ones are a little too much!" "That's right!" Ye Lin suddenly thought of something. Said to the girls with some excitement. Let's get back to the city. Let's see what's changed in Fengmo Town! "Yes.". Yes. Yes. Hurry back to the city! All members of the Rain League. All quickly took out the scroll back to the city. Crush it hard! More than two hundred members of the Rain League. Appeared in Fengmo Town. After a brief silence. Another round of cheers! "Wow!"! Feng Demon Town is so beautiful now! "Yes.". Yes. Feng Demon Town has changed a lot! "I like Fengmo Town now!" "No, no, it shouldn't be called Fengmo Town now, it should be called Fengmo City!" "That's right, Hee Hee, Wind Devil City!" "Long live the Demon City!" Originally, with the completion of the task of upgrading the guild, smart board touch screen ,smartboards in classrooms, Yumeng was promoted from the intermediate guild to the advanced guild. The Demon Town was also promoted from the town to the city. Now the Demon City is at the same level as Lingshui City. The square has become bigger and more spectacular than before. The streets are wider than before. House. Stronger and more beautiful than ever. The walls are higher and thicker than before. Entire seals the evil town, the area is fully compared to before expanded nearly one time! "Lord Blue Rain, the Demon Town has become the Demon City!" The former mayor of Fengmo Town walked quickly to Ye Lin and said excitedly. The old mayor's feelings for Fengmo Town are much deeper than those of the members of the Rain Alliance. Ye Lin nodded her head. He said, "Yes, the Demon Town has become the Demon City.". However, we cannot be satisfied with the status quo. We want to seal the city, become second only to the existence of the four main cities! "If I can really see that day, I will be worth dying!" Tears flashed in the old mayor's eyes. Die for what?! Ye Lin patted the old mayor on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Feng Demon City needs you, Yu Meng also needs you, you can't die!" The old mayor nodded forcefully and suddenly thought of something. Said: "Yes, Lord Blue Rain, after the Demon Town was upgraded to the Demon City, we got seventy silver bodyguards!" "Silver Guard?"? What is their strength? How does it compare to the archer guard? Ye Lin asked hurriedly. The old mayor said: "The strength is very strong, these silver armor bodyguards are 75 levels, and well-equipped.". A silver armor bodyguard, hit two archer guards to estimate does not have the question! "So strong?"? So, where are they now? The old mayor said, "I have arranged the seventy silver bodyguards around the Council chamber. Do you think there is anything wrong with this arrangement?" Ye Lin thought for a moment. "There's nothing wrong with it," he said. "You did a good job." Lord Blue Rain, do you have any other orders? If not, I'm going to be busy. Fengmo Town has just been upgraded to Fengmo City, and there are still a lot of things to deal with. Ye Lin waved her hand and said, "It's all right. Go ahead." The old mayor saluted Ye Lin and turned away. Sister, I'm back! Iced coffee came out of the transport array. Quickly came to Ye Lin's front. Said with a smile. Ye Lin nodded slightly and said to the iced coffee, "Call Xiaoqin.". Stars, kittens, they go to the conference hall for a meeting. "Good!"! I'm going to inform them. Seal the Demon City, in the Council hall. After everyone took their seats, Ye Lin said to the iced coffee, "Coffee, how about the auction house?" "Sister, if you guessed right, someone really came out to make trouble!" Iced coffee tidied up the language and said everything about the auction house. It's so hateful! These people are so insidious! After listening to the iced coffee, Tang Qin said angrily. Good,interactive panel board, what a domineering! Sister, I'm going to hang up that garbage! With that, the kitten suddenly stood up from the chair and walked towards the door of the conference hall.

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