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December 28th is getting closer to the end of the year.

December 28th is getting closer to the end of the year. The weather is also colder, as if echoing people's reunion, family together, warmer. On this new day, it happened to be Saturday. Zhang Guodong woke up at six o'clock in the morning. After washing, he made a tomato and egg for himself. He heated half of the seaweed fish that he had not finished eating yesterday. He heated the rice and ate it very well. Fortunately, it was winter, even the refrigerator was saved, and it would not go bad. Zhang Guodong likes to eat these vegetables and fish and shrimp, and when he eats ordinary vegetables and fish and shrimp, he feels very ordinary. Basically raise a tricky mouth! After eating half of the fish for a while and eliminating half of the fish, Zhang Guodong put on his down jacket, put on his hat, and even covered his ears inside before he went downstairs. There was a lot of fog outside, and in the morning, the buses were running slowly with their lights on. But the weather forecast says it will be sunny today, and it will be the same for the next three days, but the temperature is a little low, around zero. Eh! Zhang Guodong pulled open the rolling gate and was about to go out, but he could not put his feet down. There was a shabby dress in front of the door, and a big black long-haired dog was motionless on it, with his head facing his storefront. Zhang Guodong came out without any reaction, and even his legs were sticking up in the air, stiff and dead! Whose dog died in front of his own door? Bad luck! Zhang Guodong depressed, the mood is just right, went out unexpectedly met the dead dog. He crouches down to look,interactive whiteboard for schools, in the heart suddenly one startled, how does this big head long hair, the very big dog look like the Tibetan mastiff? Really big, all black, especially the head, very big, fluffy hair, like a lion, but the body is very thin. Not so lucky, are you? Take a closer look,smart boards for conference rooms, the more you look, the more you look like! But how can the legendary Tibetan mastiff who is loyal to its master die? Zhang Guodong suddenly felt uncomfortable. Although he had never seen the Tibetan mastiff, he had seen the pictures and photos on TV and on the Internet, and even read the words introducing the Tibetan mastiff. The Tibetan mastiff only recognizes one master in its life, and can only be adopted when it is young. Once it becomes an adult, the Tibetan mastiff will not recognize a second master, even if it is beaten to death or starved to death. Zhang Guodong, the Tibetan mastiff in front of him, could not see a trace of scars and looked so calm. Zhang Guodong carefully touched the next, the body has been cold, has died! With a sob, Zhang Guodong thought he had misheard and quickly removed the dead Tibetan mastiff and found a trace of blood between his legs. Now Zhang Guodong was really surprised. In the long hair under the abdomen, there was a small head with sparse black fluff, whose eyes had not yet opened, and was shaking its head in a tiny package in the clothes. I can't believe I gave birth! Zhang Guodong hurriedly carefully pushed aside the clothes, a total of two little guys, not dead, but the whole body does not have much hair, 65 inch smart board ,86 smart board, obviously not long after the birth, such cold weather, if not for the mother mastiff's clothes and their long hair cover to keep warm, it is estimated that they would have frozen to death! To do evil, Zhang Guodong did not dare to delay, carefully picked up the two little guys who did not open their eyes, and quickly went up to the second floor. Stay out a little longer, and the little guy might freeze to death. Regardless of so much, Zhang Guodong warmed the two little guys into the quilt, set up a space, carefully put down, the two little guys close together, first of all, it is important to keep warm. Then he went downstairs again and checked the female mastiff again to make sure that there were only two, and then he went upstairs again. But the little ones were obviously hungry, with their mouths open and their slight sobs. Zhang Guodong was a little worried. It's only six o'clock, and it's foggy outside. Where can I buy a milk pot and milk powder? The newborn baby is so fragile that Zhang Guodong is worried that he can't keep it alive at all. We have to find a way quickly! Zhang Guodong suddenly brightened up, but then hesitated. Can you feed some'pool water '? The fish and shrimps were alive and kicking as soon as they entered the pond. Obviously, the water was a good thing and could enhance the vitality of the animals. Now the fish and shrimps that have been fishing for a long time are very fine. As soon as Zhang Guodong went to catch them, they all disappeared and dived motionless. Obviously, he was afraid of being caught by Zhang Guodong. But for the little guys to drink water, there is no bottom in their hearts. Don't drink it to death and it will be bad. Taoyuan inside the temperature is very suitable, Zhang Guodong teeth bite, do not feed, then afraid that it is possible to die for a while. As for feeding, I have to go shopping later. Found a cotton blanket, carefully put the two little guys on it, and then went into Taoyuan. As soon as they entered Taoyuan, the two little guys actually moved. Unfortunately, they were too fragile to stand up and their eyes were not open. This shows that Taoyuan is suitable for little guys and can enhance their resistance. Zhang Guodong saw that his confidence increased a lot. Put the cotton blanket on the lid of the water tank, rolled it up, Zhang Guodong thought about it, took a small spoon to scoop up the pool water, and then carefully shed a few drops of pool water to one of them, the little guy's pink tongue actually came out. Seeing this, Zhang Guodong was so bold that he fed the two little guys three spoons of'water 'and succeeded in feeding them. As if they had drunk enough, the two little guys actually crawled to sleep. Zhang Guodong is thinking that whether he can survive or not depends on the afternoon. PS: This chapter was originally the twelfth chapter, but due to the omission of the previous chapter, resulting in convergence and stiffness, so Tiandao adjusted it to the thirteenth chapter, sweat, which is equivalent to uploading four chapters on the 10th day of Tiandao, thirteen thousand. But this is the mistake of heaven, so dare not claim credit, the fourteenth chapter immediately upload, is to make up for this mistake! Cheeky to ask for a recommendation ticket and collection, there is a reward to look at the glory, Tiandao this week intends to hit the list, even if there is no starting point of the recommendation opportunity, but with everyone's support, Tiandao can not give up! Thank you! The fourteenth chapter of the main text is pet shop and preparation for entering the mountain. Ice Novel Updated: May 14, 2010 10:06:32 Words in this chapter: 3940 Out of Taoyuan, Zhang Guodong immediately went online to inquire about the information about feeding Tibetan mastiff cubs. Baidu is a good thing. You can search for any information on it. Drunk-dew-net A netizen quickly replied: "No matter what kind of dog, if you do not eat the first mouthful of breast milk, it is very difficult to live, even if you survive, the constitution will be very weak!" The explanation of the first breast milk is that it contains very nutritious elements,interactive boards for classrooms, the key is to enhance the resistance of the cub, the general milk powder can not be replaced, so this breast milk is extremely critical.

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