The misfortune of rebirth

In fact, according to the note paper she pasted on the computer monitor,

In fact, according to the note paper she pasted on the computer monitor, she was going to the big iceberg to sort out the information today. But she even forgot to write the note paper, the reminder written on the paper, naturally long ago forgotten to go to Java. On the other side, Li Manman arrived at a commercial residential area in the city center after ten o'clock in the morning. She has never been to this community, but she knows the location of the community. This is a commercial and leisure living area developed by Linjiang three years ago. A number of old urban areas have been demolished and built in the most developed part of the city center. There are several high-grade residential areas, one more expensive than the other. What is said in the advertisement of the newly opened building some time ago? A hundred steps here is the famous street, and a thousand steps is the commercial and trade area. There are all kinds of supporting facilities in the surrounding green parks, fitness centers, and large supermarkets. In other words, every inch of land is expensive, and the selling price of each square meter can be marked with five zeros. Li Manman, with a feeling of reverence for local tyrants, swiped Aunt Liu's supplementary card, entered the residential area named Fenglin Chess Garden, and went straight to Building B. Before entering the unit, she made a phone call to Aunt Liu, who helped her unlock the lock, speaking in a very impatient tone, with the dog barking happily in the background. Li Manman's slightly nervous and excited mood came back. When she went into the elevator and pressed the 8th floor,juice filling machine, she was still thinking that this was the button that Pei Zhao often pressed. We pressed the same button. If anyone listened to this voice, she would think that she was a little perverted stalker ~ In a word, Manman finally arrived at the front door of 802 and rang the doorbell with a slight excitement. The doorbell rang half a time and the door suddenly opened. Before Manman could say hello with a smile on his face, a huge shadow rushed out of the door and threw her down on the floor tiles in front of the door! "Ow!" Happy screams of joy! No need to look at it, just smell it, it is definitely a young and beautiful big sister, it is so excited! Happy, excited and excited,Vegetable oil filling machine, did not hold it at all. His head was so hot that he stretched out his long and thick tongue and shone on his little face, which he had not seen clearly. With a crash, he licked it directly from his chin to his forehead. Li Manman was stunned with a warm face. A thunderous exclamation came from the height: "Hey, you want to die, hurry up!"! Point! Get up! Come here Ten minutes later, Li Manman was led into the room by Aunt Liu and washed his face in the bathroom of the guest room. Happy was tied to the door handle of the bathroom by her dog leash. She turned around with displeasure. Aunt Liu guarded the door and scolded happy while looking at Li Manman. She was a very simple little girl. She was still very small. Did she take a good dog? "You, you will be responsible for guarding the dog later, I will go to clean up, you close the door, do not take off the leash, you stay in this room, I clean the outside and then come to clean here." Aunt Liu observed for a moment and gave instructions coldly. It's not that she's unfriendly, but that she's too upset to take care of Happy these days. Happy, who is injured, can't go out and becomes very irritable. In the past few days, water bottling line ,PET blowing machine, she has been scratching and biting her at every turn. Yesterday, she bit one of her favorite pants, which didn't make her angry to death! Aunt Liu's words fell, and Li Manman turned around in surprise. She had just washed her face, and after drying it, her face was fresh, and Happy was so happy that she broke out a series of howls. "What are you screaming for? If you don't have lunch, don't scream!" Aunt Liu is angry again, angry threat, Li Manman observes two eyes to see, Aunt Liu is actually some afraid of Happy, fierce and dare not approach it; And Happy puppy spirit is obviously seen, deliberately against Aunt Liu, this bear child wow ~ Li Manman smiled: "No aunt, Happy can be put down, and I will be familiar with it in a moment. I will take it to play in this room. I promise I won't disturb you. You are busy with your work.". Put it down? How can that work! Auntie Liu waved her hand firmly and said, "You don't know how naughty this dog is. You can't put it down. Otherwise, it will make a mess in the room. Who will clean it up?"? Little girl, I tell you, don't look down upon it. This dog is so bad. Dog, oh, so bad! Aunt Liu is good at poking in the air as she speaks, just like poking Happy's big head. As soon as Happy looked up and saw it, he began to bark again. When one man and one dog refused to give way to each other, Li Manman smiled helplessly and ran over. In fact, this dog is said to be able to understand people's words. For example, if you call him by his name, he knows it, and if you call him by his name, he also knows it, so he will follow suit. Li Manman said close to happy, squat down, people squat down is a friendly expression, happy immediately stopped calling, but still very boiling in the same place crazy spin. Li Manman smiled and reached out to touch Happy's back. As soon as Happy turned his head, he opened his mouth and bit it! When Aunt Liu was so frightened that she cried out to be careful, Li Manman didn't hide. She watched Happy bite up. The sharp teeth and sharp mouth looked terrible. In the end, it just bit her finger symbolically and loosened it. It changed its tongue and licked her palm. Of course, such a smart dog, if you spoil it well, it will naturally be as good as you every minute, Pei Zhao's dog must be like him, how can it really bite people ~ Li Manman rubbed Happy's head with a smile: "Happy-" Her drawn-out coda was joyous, and she wagged her big tail happily. On that day, Aunt Liu suspected that if she messed up the room, you would be responsible for cleaning it up, so she went to work on her own. Later, Li Manman untied Happy from the doorknob and even gave him the leash. One person and one dog reached an equal coexistence and played in the room all morning. In the afternoon,Beverage packing machine, Aunt Liu left. She was satisfied with Li Manman after a day's inspection and left her a copy of the house key. That is to say, every day until the veterinarian came to check Happy and then took him to bed in the evening, all the time was arranged by her freely. She could stay at his house all day.

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