China Rivets factory

China Rivets factoryChina Rivets factory

China Rivets factory Product Description Product NameHem-Lock Rivets MaterialAluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel Rivet Diameter3.2mm - 6.4mm Grip Range0.5mm - 12.7mm Head StyleDome, Large Flange, Countersunk Shear StrengthUp to 8000N Tensile StrengthUp to 9000N Introduction: Hem-Lock Rivets are a type of blind rivet that are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. Hem-Lock Rivets are designed to provide a high-strength, vibration-resistant joint in thin sheet materials. Advantages High strength: Hem-Lock Rivets provide a high-strength joint that can withstand high shear and tensile forces. Easy to install: Hem-Lock Rivets are easy to install using standard installation tools. Vibration-resistant: Hem-Lock Rivets have a unique locking feature that provides vibration resistance, making them ideal for use in high-vibration environments. Versatile: Hem-Lock Rivets can be used in a wide range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, and construction. Applications Hem-Lock Rivets are used in a variety of industries, including: Automotive: Body panels, interior trim, and suspension components. Aerospace: Interior and exterior panels, structural components, and aircraft interiors. Construction: Cladding, roofing, and facades. FAQ Q: What materials can be used with Hem-Lock Rivets? A: Hem-Lock Rivets can be used with a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Q: What is the diameter range for Hem-Lock Rivets? A: Hem-Lock Rivets are available in diameters ranging from 3.2mm to 6.4mm. Q: What is the grip range for Hem-Lock Rivets? A: Hem-Lock Rivets have a grip range of 0.5mm to 12.7mm. Q: What types of head styles are available for Hem-Lock Rivets? A: Hem-Lock Rivets are available with dome, large flange, and countersunk head styles. Q: What is the shear strength of Hem-Lock Rivets? A: Hem-Lock Rivets have a shear strength of up to 8000N. Q: What is the tensile strength of Hem-Lock Rivets? A: Hem-Lock Rivets have a tensile strength of up to 9000N. Q: How are Hem-Lock Rivets installed? A: Hem-Lock Rivets are installed using standard installation tools, such as a rivet gun or hand riveter. The rivet is inserted into the hole and the mandrel is pulled to set the rivet. The locking feature of the rivet provides a secure joint. China Rivets factory website:

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