Legend of the ring

Wang Tian came with Luo Fang and Dikai. Except for Luo Fang, Wang Tian and the four of them were still dressed in civilian clothes.

Wang Tian came with Luo Fang and Dikai. Except for Luo Fang, Wang Tian and the four of them were still dressed in civilian clothes. Wang Tian is really not used to that thick mecha, put on that guy, like putting on a layer of iron sheet; four people are pursuing speed, only in the clothes plus a piece of inner armor, two pieces of inner armor enough to block the general laser gun. Only Luo Fang, Wang Tian ordered him to put on the mecha, or he was not allowed to come down. Perhaps it was a novelty, but he did not hesitate to put one on, and it seemed that he liked this kind of mighty thing very much. Sweeping the 21 robot soldiers in front of him, Wang Tian said in a deep voice, "Open the warehouse and get ready to go!"! Command: To rid the entire planet of all life! Wang Tian thought for a moment: "Including the robots that resist." With that, let the fighter take the lead, and the humanoid robot stay with him and follow him at the end. As soon as Wang Tian came out, he ordered the King Ship to take off. It was the best fire support. Where there was an attack, it would go. As soon as a few main guns were fired, any ground fortifications were blown into ruins like local chickens and dogs. Even the weapons against the air had no effect on such a huge ship as the King of Heaven. It was too light to tickle. There are only two kinds that can cause damage to the King Ship: one is the anti-aircraft cannon, unfortunately, Fei Ken did not build this here in order to completely hide the W-15; the other is the battleship, which can only be the opponent of the battleship. The King ship clears the obstacles in front, and the ground troops follow it. The ground battle on the surface of the planet is not the main battlefield, but the real one is inside the base. Outside these to it on the line, the king ship has been exposed, absolutely can not let the people here to spread out, so, do not capture, this is already scheduled. In the sky, 20 air vehicles are constantly patrolling to kill small ships that want to escape. Their mission is to prevent anything that can fly from leaving the W-15. 1000 kilometers away in space, there are 10 transport ships, ships in wartime, this kind of transport ship is never involved, no one cares about it,tannic acid astringent, but here, it is a good firepower platform, they have laid a second line of defense outside the air chariot. Hidden ground fortifications were destroyed, and more than 20,000 robot troops slowly approached the gate of the base under the clearance of the King Ship. Wearing a full set of protective mecha, Luo Fang, who looked huge, threw up the protective mask on his face gloomily: "Brother, this is too weak. There is no resistance at all. Even if we are killed by the battleship, we are completely on our way." The two men sat on the ground chariot. This kind of chariot is matched with ground weapons. All the robots have one for every 50 people. After all, it's too slow to walk on foot. What do you know! This is just the beginning, the real fight is still inside, outside, are some defensive fortifications at the stop point. Fei Ken doesn't want people to notice that he won't do much outside, otherwise he will be found out as soon as he is checked by others, and he will disguise himself as a fart. Inside, inside is what he spent a lot of money to make. Wang Tian opened the hologram connected to the warship. The battleship is in the sky, jujube seed powder ,phycocyanin spirulina, the field of vision is better, the king's ship rushes fast, has already collapsed several exits of the internal base, leaving only one in the middle. This is the main door, and those are just the secondary doors, which are used for camouflage. The King Ship is ready! Target, base gate straight ahead, all main guns salvo, fire! When the order was given, the warship turned sideways, thousands of main guns buzzed, the barrels shone bright, and a white light was emitted. 1000 white lights gathered together and hit the door of the base. After a loud noise, the smoke and dust slowly dispersed, Wang Tian saw the door was blown into a big hole, the thick door has disappeared. Cool! Wang Tian called out and was about to order the robot to jump on him when he suddenly shouted, "All attention, stop moving forward!" When all the chariots stopped, Wang Tiancai controlled the perspective of the King's ship. Boy, the outside door was blown out, and there was another door thousands of meters deep, and it was still intact. The King Ship is ready to release! There was another salvo, and there was another smoke and dust in the cave. It's so boring. I might as well enjoy it on the boat. Up to now, I haven't met any enemy, and I'm still carrying two individual guns. Luo Fang took the individual artillery company to throw, frightened Wang Tian hurriedly stopped: "Do not want to die!"! This thing is enough to reimburse all the people in our area! Seeing that Luo's single cannon didn't open the safety, he hammered on his hard mecha: "Don't come, you have to come. When you come, you squeak again.". Shit, I'll rush over and let you kill enough! Take the cannon and swing it around. Do you think it's two butcher's knives? After scolding, he turned to open the door of the second floor where the smoke passed. Luo Fang stuck out his tongue secretly and stopped talking. As Wang Tian's army of robots advanced, the W-15 base was in chaos. My Lord, none of the people who went out to inspect and the ship returned, all the monitors were destroyed, and the signal still could not be sent out.. As the adjutant's report grew longer, the face of Mackintosh, the head of the base, became whiter. After listening patiently, he asked, "Did a monitor intercept anything?" "Yes, my Lord." The adjutant opened his brain, and a fragment appeared, and a huge half of the ship flashed over it, and then it became dark. My Lord, this is the only image captured on any of the monitors. From this half of the hull, it is estimated that the ship is at least 8000 meters long and is a huge battleship. Because it's the second half, it's impossible to know which side it is. "8000 meters?!" Mackintosh gasped. There are only more than 20 warships in the Eastern Military Region, all of which are in the Eastern Fleet, and the patriarch now has more than half of the command of the Eastern Fleet. Is it him? Mackintosh thought of him as the commander of the Eastern Fleet, Maas, who was on Pigson's side and had been placed in the Eastern Fleet by the Emperor. No, it couldn't have been him. McIntosh immediately vetoed it. He couldn't have known about it. Even if he did,ghana seed extract, he had no right to call in a battleship. The W-15 was surrounded by a defense team arranged by the patriarch. Mackintosh was still thinking about the possibility when the adjutant interrupted him. "Please, my Lord, make a decision. We can't stop the giant battleship." 。 prius-biotech.com

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