China Sea Water Pump factory

China Sea Water Pump factoryChina Sea Water Pump factoryChina Sea Water Pump factoryChina Sea Water Pump factoryChina Sea Water Pump factory

China Sea Water Pump factory eawater is a very complex multicomponent aqueous solution. The main elements in seawater include Na ion, K ion, Cl ion, SO4 ion, etc., and most of these contents are more than 1mg. Allowable medium range of our seawater pump 1: various seawater, alkaline corrosive water, clean water without impurities, chilled water / cooling water, underground water gushing from coal mines, iron mines, metal mines, etc. 2: The allowable operating water temperature range is + 5 to + 25 鈩? 3: The solid impurity content (mass ratio) shall not be greater than 0.01. 4: PH value (PH) 7.9-8.6. 5: The unit must work completely submerged in water. Centrifugal Sea Water Pump, Based on the S series, OS series, IS series. Centrifugal Sea Water Pump is mainly used in desalination engineering, pontoon, petrochemical industry, and mining. It is an excellent transfer pump and unloading pump for transporting various seawater, saltwater, organic solvents, and other corrosive liquid. Marine pumps designed as centrifugal pumps perform a great variety of duties on board (see Pump application): in the engine room as a boiler feed pump, condensate pump and cooling water pump using seawater or freshwater, in the bow as a transverse thruster, in special pump rooms as a cargo oil pump, Butterworth pump or ballast pump, for special duties as an anti-rolling, anti heel or trimming pump, as a bilge pump or stripping pump, as a fire-fighting pump, and as a service pump for a variety of applications. Dock pumps are also classified as marine pumps. Cooling water pumps using either seawater or freshwater (e. g. seawater pump) and fire-fighting pumps draw in fluid from the sea chests via suction lines. Sea chests are tanks mounted to the inner side of the ship's hull below the waterline. Their apertures face seawards and are covered by inlet screens. If the fluid handled is seawater, suitable pump material is required: gunmetal or bronze (e. g. multi-alloy aluminum bronze) for the pump casing and impeller, and chrome-nickel steel for the pump shaft. These pumps are designed to deliver best-in-class efficiency. Depending on operating hours, fuel, and horsepower required, you can save thousands per year in energy costs. Lutsee offers a large selection of pumps that meet or exceed optimum efficiency standards. The pump should be made of corrosion-resistant material such as stainless steel or bronze according to the different using environment and PH value.China Sea Water Pump factory website:

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