The young lady in the palace by Lixiao

Yu Yin didn't say anything, but asked again, "What happened to the room tidied up by He Jing?"? Does the side concubine know? “…… It was also passed on from the front.

Yu Yin didn't say anything, but asked again, "What happened to the room tidied up by He Jing?"? Does the side concubine know? It was also passed on from the front. Coral leaned over and said, "come and tell Zhao Chengrui directly, and Zhao Chengrui will do it." Yu Yin naturally felt that this was Meng Junhuai's meaning, so he didn't think any more about it, and only let Amber call Ning Zhi to accompany him and Jing. After a while, she felt that there was nothing to do, Meng Junhuai was still there, she could not directly take a nap to hang him there, simply went to see and Jing. . The room for Hejing's nap was not quiet at all. Although he and Jing took the initiative to shout sleepy, but now the two little girls are together again, chattering together. He Jing pulls the congealed fat to ask the matter in the palace, when the jade is attracted, and Jing is asking the question of whether the congealed fat palace is very interesting. Congealed fat tells her to say: "It is a bit more amused than the mansion!"! There are more people in the palace, and many of them are about the same age as us. They can usually kick shuttlecock together! He Jing and she were the only two people in the house who could kick shuttlecock together, and it was no fun to kick. Recalling the past, Ning Zhi curled her lips and said,Time Delay Tap, "Empress Ding also likes to watch us play. Those who win still have snacks to eat!" "Grandma's snacks are delicious!" He Jing immediately remembered his grandmother's craftsmanship, and before he could say that the snacks they ate were not made by the imperial concubine herself, he Jing saw the jade guide by the door. Mother and concubine! She shouted clearly and patted the bed with her little hand, "Mother and Concubine sit down!" Yu Yin's mind was being pulled by what Meng Junhuai had said before, and when he came over, he heard the word "Ding Fei Empress" and thought again. As soon as she was called by Hejing, she came to her senses and continued to walk into the room. Ning Zhi immediately stood up from the edge of the couch to see the ceremony. When Yu Yin took his seat,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, he pulled her back to sit down. He thought about it quietly and asked her, "When you were in the palace, did you often see Empress Ding?" Sometimes I can. Ning Zhi was a little nervous when she was questioned and said cautiously, "Ding Fei Empress sometimes asks Mammy and aunts in the temple to pass on their work." Yu Yin nodded, and then his heart brightened. She asked her again, "Do you know many people who are waiting on Empress Ding?"? How many can you name? Ning Zhi recalled and counted on her fingers: "There were Mammy Chi and Aunt Rui, and it was Aunt Xing who taught the maidservant.." Grandfather Zhang, Grandfather Tao, Grandfather Yan and Grandfather Ji are also often seen. The rest.. The maidservant has no impression. Yuyin nodded thoughtfully. She clapped her hands and said with a smile, "Don't talk too long. Have a good sleep." Then she went out of the door. Under the porch, Meng Junhuai hesitated and saw her coming out of Hejing's room. He looked over and noticed that she looked dignified. His eyes stopped on her face. Your Highness. Yu Yin went straight to Meng Junhuai and opened his mouth and said, "What if your Highness and your mother wanted someone to come out just now?" "Someone?" Meng Junhuai didn't know what she meant for a moment. Yu Yin said, "Um, Concealed Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal," for example. In the name of your side concubine who is pregnant and needs to be taken care of? Chapter Table of Contents 19. Touch your head This is the second time since marriage, Xie Yuyin and Meng Junhuai went to the palace to see Concubine Ding. [80 eBook wWw. 80 txt. COM] The two of them entered the harem from the inner left gate and sent someone to report to the court. When they arrived at the left gate of Guangsheng, they saw the people from the Yongning Palace of Concubine Ding coming out. The first one was a Mammy in her forties and fifties. With a smile on her face, she said, "Your Highness is well, and the princess is well. The empress is very happy to hear that you two are coming together. Tea has been prepared in the main hall.". It happened that the virtuous concubine was also here today. The twelve princes and concubines came to say hello to the virtuous concubine. They also came directly to the empress. Now they are talking inside. The words were warm and kind, and they made the present situation clear. Even Xie Yuyin, who had grown up in the temple, immediately understood. Concubine Ding was very happy, but the twelve princes and concubines were sisters-in-law, and men and women could not be put in the middle. Meng Junhuai, the elder brother, could not enter the temple at this time. Xie Yuyin turned his head to look at him, and he smiled kindly. "I haven't gone to say hello to my father yet. I'll send the princess here first." Then he said to Yu Yin, "You go to accompany your mother first, and I'll come later." Then the couple saluted each other, and Meng Junhuai went to the Palace of Heavenly Purity. The jade leads oneself to follow Mammy to go inside, while walking to recall the thing about the twelve princes and concubines, very afraid to have nothing to say for a while. She and her sisters-in-law all met during the Spring Festival. Although the princes of the Great Yin Dynasty were crowned, they all got married early. They married the imperial concubine at the age of 14 or 15. At that time, the imperial concubine was almost the same age. By contrast, her stepmother, who had just passed the door after her marriage, was much younger. Chinese New Year's Eve that day she saw that there was no need to mention the five sisters-in-law. The seven, eight, and ninety-three younger brothers and sisters were all older than her. In the ten princes' mansion, because of the destruction of his wife by his favorite concubine, the imperial concubine had asked herself to be abolished, but no one had come. After that.. Eleven princesses are still one year older than her. The twelve princes and concubines, Zhu Shi, were all conferred titles last year, just like her, and they were all the same age. Xie Yuyin remembered that on the day of the palace banquet Chinese New Year's Eve, the empress tasted a dish of Ganoderma lucidum chicken soup and thought it tasted better. Pointing to it, she said, "Take it to the Little Twelve, and add another one to the Princess of Yijun.". You're still young. Don't be exhausted on this busy day in the palace. Yu Yin: " " Although she understood that the empress was showing consideration and concern to the two new daughters-in-law as a legitimate mother, it was really a bit awkward to sit back and watch the three princes and concubines who were older than her follow the empress's wishes and call her "sister-in-law"! And she couldn't drink so much chicken soup. But the queen was rewarded in public, and it seemed disrespectful not to drink it. As a result, there were two large pieces of chicken in the soup. She ate them painfully for a long time before she finished them. She felt uncomfortable in her stomach all night. a href = "" target = "_ blank" www. Qiushu. Cc for Books Yu Yin thought about it, and his thoughts were focused on the "painful experience" of that day. Unconsciously, he had entered the main hall and heard the words "six sisters-in-law are well" before he came to his senses. With a straight face,stainless steel squatting pan, she hurriedly said, "The mother and concubine are well, and the virtuous concubine is well." 。