The best Crown Princess

Although our son is not very old, he has a very royal style. He will fight against anyone who is not pleasing to the eye, and he will not give up until he is scared to kneel down and beg for mercy.

Although our son is not very old, he has a very royal style. He will fight against anyone who is not pleasing to the eye, and he will not give up until he is scared to kneel down and beg for mercy. Although there is a suspicion of putting on a show, who let us be the product of cooperation between the two countries? The shelf should be a little bigger. Leaving the people in the room behind, Fu Yiran half knelt down in front of the cradle and stretched out his index finger to tease his son's fat little face. It was slippery, white and tender. It was really lovable. Boa, Boa. Cried twice, since the boy simply ignored her, big eyes rolling around, two eyelashes flapping, like two small fans. Look what it is. Fu Yiran took out a small bottle of blue and white porcelain from his bosom and successfully attracted the attention of the smelly boy. Love money as much as life. Be like me. Fu Yiran muttered and put the bottle into his son's fat little hand. "Take it, it's a treasure here.". Your Xuan uncle is Xuan, early know your father and mother need, send this thing, but you must not tell your father, if he knows I have this thing not to take out, should hit me PP.. She murmured for a long time, and her son stared at her, his eyes full of curiosity, as if to say,38 tube fitting, "Aren't you my father?"? Fu Yiran wanted to explain very much, but felt that it was a silly act to explain this to a baby who had just turned two months old, so he gave up. Just as she was teasing her son, the door of the hall was pushed open from the outside. "Fu Yiran"-of course, inside was Lao Qi's son. He ran in anxiously. "Dachu sent his credentials. Li Ze died of a serious illness. Tell us to hurry back." Three years later Chengping four years, Chu. Leisurely, we have to go back. Fu yawned and waved his hand. "If you want to go back by yourself,14 tube fitting, I'm fed up with those old men." "They are also worried about the country." "Yes, they are all loyal ministers." Fu leisurely raised his body, a face of anger, "but there is no need to have differences of opinion in front of the angel of heaven, fight ah, and spit not, I this queen's face let them lose!" Holding the reins, Qi Yibei lifted the curtain and said, "This is their true nature. Do you really want the tribute from the Kingdom of Heaven?" Fu leisurely dry laugh twice, "or avoid, the last batch of'eighteen arhats' I can not withstand, this time a batch of what'twenty-eight constellations', so many people, just eat rice can eat me poor." "So!" Qi Yibei smiled with satisfaction and drew back to continue his journey. Fu Yiran sat firmly in the co-pilot's seat and looked at Qi Yibei with a half-smile and said, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, "If it had been a few years ago, they would all have agreed to accept this batch of tributes. In just three years, more than half of them have supported your'monogamy '." Qi Yibei grinned, even brighter than the sunshine in the sky. "I can't help it. I'm so excellent that even the old man can't escape from my palm." Fu leisurely made a gesture to vomit, to show the degree of contempt in the heart, but Qi Yibei was very nervous, "are you all right?"? Is the child bothering you again? Fu Yiran touched his stomach. "No, this is much better than Baoer. He never torments me." Qi Yibei touched her face, frowned and said, "You should feel at ease to raise the fetus at this time. You have to travel a long way." "I want it!" Fu leisurely snorted, "the treasure has been given to them, what else do you want?"? Erbao took him to Dajin and asked his grandfather to teach him. "You have a simple name." Qi Yibei said with a smile, "Baoer has been famous for a long time. He still likes Baoer every day. He doesn't like it. It's harmful to the prestige of his prince." I don't care if he likes it! What does a little kid know? I don't like his name. What Fu Zhenzi? I feel chilly when I think of his name. Qi Yibei laughed, "this is the arrangement of genealogy, and then through." "Then it will be finalized by the Grand Maester!" "Just like my damn name," said Fu Yiran. As soon as Fu Yiran talked about this matter, he was very angry. Qi Yibei had no intention of poking her in the sore spot. He smiled silently and asked, "Didn't you bring that thing this time?" Fu Yiran felt a little guilty and answered quickly, "No!" Qi Yibei snorted. He didn't believe it. He had to pay attention. When Fu Yiran was about to give birth, he was far away from her, so as not to repeat the same mistakes. Where are we going? Back to Jinjing? "No, let's go to Anyang and find Lin Xiyue." "I don't know if Qi Ruinan is still there." Qi Yibei was a little worried and said, "The father seems to have plans to make the crown prince." Fu Yiran did not speak, looked at the clouds on the horizon and sighed. Qi Ruinan, don't let Lin Xiyue be sad. So after two months, two people arrived in Anyang. There is no Lin Tingzhai in the world, but there is a Lin Tingbao, and the Lord of Lin Dazhai has become the Lord of Lin Dabao. Lay down the butcher's knife, get involved in business and diversify. Because of the abundant funds and the support of the royal family, all the business went smoothly and did quite well. When the sisters were reunited, they were naturally overjoyed to see Lin Xiyue's twin children. Just turned one year old, Fu Yiran is even more envious, the same pregnancy in October, people are angry two, both men and women, she has to come for another ten months, it is really unfair. Where is Qi Ruinan? After waiting for a long time without seeing anyone, Fu Yiran still couldn't help asking. Lin Xiyue smiled and did not speak, and Fu Yiran understood. That damned Qi Ruinan, for the throne of the crown prince, actually ran back. He asked me to go back with him? Lin Xiyue suddenly opened his mouth, "for three years, he doesn't understand why I don't want to go back to the capital." "Why?" Fu Yiran did not understand either. Lin Xiyue smiled, "I am not Baide to prove anything, must let him give up the throne to prove his feelings for me,stainless steel tube fitting, but." Husbands and emperors are always different. He may make a good emperor, but an emperor can never make a good husband. Fu leisurely sighed, "how could it be?"? Look at us. 。

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