How does Air to Water Heat Pump Work?

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First what is aair source heat pumps? Simply put heat pump as a fridge that tries to cool the outside environment and finally it moves the heat energy into your home. An air to water heat pump or air source heat pump takes this energy from the outside ambient air. It is a machine that would extract heat energy from a relatively cool ambient air (the heat source) and transfer energy to a relatively hot medium (the heat sink) to make the cool medium cooler and the hot medium hotter. This is equivalent to a machine that can produce two effects,air to water heat pump manufacturerone for heating and the other for cooling.

Air To Water Heat Pump work can be used to heat warm air convector, underfloor, systems and hot water in your home. Passing the fluid through a compressor where its temperature increases and transfers its higher temperature heat through heat exchangers to the heating and hot water circuits of the house.

The Hot-water system of Air to Water Heat Pump

Air-to-water heat pumps for hot water systems extract heat energy from the ambient air (heat source) and reject it with a water medium (heat sink). This type is quite common as cool air and hot water so produced are more versatile in applications. For example, an air-to-water heat pump installed for residential use may provide cooling to the occupants in addition to hot water.

How do heat pumps extract heat from air and water?

The refrigeration system in a heat pump consists of 2 copper or aluminum coils (indoors one outdoors) and a compressor. They transfer heat energy by aluminum fins. Under the mode of heating,after removing heating from the air, the liquid refrigerant in the outside coil evaporates into a gas.

The Benefits of Air to Water Heat Pump

An air to water heat pump typically costs 50% to 60% less to make your home heater than a traditional heating ways like under the fossil fuel system and oil/gas boiler. Because most of the heat energy supply to your house is free from nature. The main benefit of an air to water heat pump.

How to choose a goodHeat Pump Manufactureris very high efficiency and it can result in low heating costs for your house or building. There is a very low carbon emission which gives a better energy rating compared to the traditional fossil fuel heating systems.

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