Disposable Face Mask For Children made in China


Disposable Face Mask For Children made in China 鈼?Elastic Bands closure 銆怌arefree Breathing銆慣he size specially designed for kids children, especially suitable for kids to go to school, outdoor activities, shopping and other activities. High-elastic cotton earbands, ears won't hurt when worn in a long time. 銆?-Ply Protective Masks銆慜uter color layer is a water-resistant layer, say bye to splashing liquid; Middle layer is a filtering layer, say bye to particles from 0.3 to 1.0 pm. Inner layer is a water absorbing layer, which can absorb the moisture from the breath of the wearer, avoid the filtering layer from getting wet. 銆怑asy to Use銆慜ur protective covers are disposable and single use. Just slip the elastic bands over your ears and conform metal nose guard to create a light seal around your face. Should not be reusable. Apply new one every 2 - 4 hours for best protection to ensure moisture from breathe doesn鈥檛 dampen it. 銆怳niversal Elastic Style Ear Hooks銆慡oft, comfortable ear bands prevent headaches when wearing for long periods of time and allow for easy modifications when fitting to small children. Quick DetailsQuick Details Place of Origin:Place of Origin: Guangdong, ChinaGuangdong, China Brand Name:Brand Name: TEYOUDATEYOUDA Model Number:Model Number: Child Disposable Medical face maskChild Disposable Medical face mask Disinfecting Type:Disinfecting Type: Ultraviolet LightUltraviolet LightDisposable Face Mask For Children made in China website:http://www.beeda-teyoudas.com/disposable-face-mask/disposable-face-mask-for-children/

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