Legend of evil gods

With my roar, the energy gathered on the Evil God Chop has gathered to the limit, proudly waving the Evil God Chop, suddenly.

With my roar, the energy gathered on the Evil God Chop has gathered to the limit, proudly waving the Evil God Chop, suddenly. A blood-red wave of energy, centered on me, swept around at an unimaginable speed! Facing the surging waves of red energy, the wind dragon's eyes showed a look of fear after Bukenata's combination, and he could feel that this was an attack that was enough to threaten his life! In the face of the blood-red tide, in the face of the surging, indomitable blood-red waves, Bukenta dare not have the slightest carelessness, a pair of golden wings, fiercely open, and then. As the red waves swept in, they flew back like lightning. Like the golden hurricane of substance, the violent impact on the red energy waves, like substance, accelerated the figure of the wind dragon backward! Has been spread thousands of meters away, the red waves in the most turbulent wave of waves, the rapid convergence towards me, the energy has increased, surging towards my evil God cut convergence! At the same time, the Buchan Wind Dragon (a combination of Buchan Tower and the Dragon) stopped gracefully, and the blow just now did not cause substantial damage to him! Looking at me in disbelief, Bukenata's voice rang out: "Impossible, this is clearly an attack from the Kensei rank!"! It's impossible! With a flat smile, I nodded slightly and said, "That's right." Thanks to you, I have broken through from the top swordsman to the rank of Kensei! At this point, I slowly withdrew the evil God chop that swept out, and murmured: "The magic soldier Tiancheng overlord dragon, Bukenata, you can only make a move after breaking through Kensei!" As I spoke, with a dignified look on my face, I pushed out the Evil God Chop in my hand. At the same time, I murmured, "The Evil King has broken the sky and killed the dragon!" Under my gentle push, the evil God cut up ten thousand battles of blood, and then. Blood light fiercely a convergence, suddenly, the whole evil God chop like a blood knife dripping blood, slowly, minute by minute, inch by inch with my push disappeared in the air! Broken dragon! As I drank, the evil God appeared ten meters in front of the Buken Wind Dragon, without stopping, before the Buken Wind Dragon had time to make any reaction, he quickly penetrated his body and appeared behind the Bukan Wind Dragon. Suddenly, the world was completely still, even the wind stopped whistling, side impact beams ,aluminium coated steel tube, thousands of meters apart, the body of the Buken Wind Dragon trembled violently, and golden blood gushed out of the wound. What is it? Bukenata's voice rang out in horror. Calmly looking at Bukenata, although I do not understand why his body did not turn to ashes, but I still replied: "This is my original creation, the second flash of the seven flashes of the evil king, breaking the air to kill the dragon!" At this point, I couldn't help smiling and said, "At present, I can only exert 40% of the power of this move. Otherwise, you won't even have any ashes left now. If you die under this move, you can close your eyes!" Hehehehehehe.. A deep voice rang out from the mouth of Bukenata, and then Bukenata's voice rang out again: "You are so childish. Do you think you can kill me like this?" After listening to Bukenata's words, I couldn't help but feel nervous. At the same time, Bukenata said proudly, "After you become Kensei, you can have the ability to leave the shell of your soul. You wait.." I will find a dragon to pay the body, late is a month, fast is a week, I must come to you again, when the time comes, I will kill all your relatives around you! Ha ha ha ha.. Listening to the words of Bukenata, my heart can not help but lift up, now. My identity has been exposed, with the strength of Bukenata, if he deliberately killed all my relatives, I have no way! But I knew he was going to run away, but I couldn't do anything about it! I have no idea how to stop him! Ah While I was anxious, the Bucken Wind Dragon screamed wildly, and his body rolled crazily in the air, looking very painful. Suddenly, the body of the Buken Wind Dragon was fiercely steady, and at the same time. A familiar voice rang out: "Fool, do you think your soul has a chance to escape without me?"? The reason why I left you alive and didn't let you turn into ashes is because I like your body! I want to occupy your body! Ew! After listening to this voice, I felt a chill in my heart. What are these words? What does it mean that I like your body? What does it mean that I want to occupy your body and let people who don't know see it? I thought it was said by a lady-killer to a tender little girl. Surprised to look at the wind dragon trembling violently in midair, I know. This voice is the magic brain, in fact. This is a game that I and the evil brain set up, from the time Bukenata cut the evil God into my abdomen, it began to set up a game! Unbeknownst to Bukenata, the main body of the Demon Brain had climbed up his arm as he stabbed the Evil God into my stomach, waiting for an opportunity to devour him. Similar to such a master as Bukenata, and the special talent of doubling the speed is unparalleled in the world, such materials, searched all over the world, this is the only one, the magic brain repeatedly begged, I promised him to try, because. This may be the only way to defeat Bukenata, and now it seems that the bet was right! With the strength of Bukenata, although the magic brain has been lurking around him, but completely unable to find the opportunity to invade, until I just attacked the body of the wind dragon, the magic brain finally found the opportunity, directly along the blood into the brain of the Bukenata wind dragon,precision welded tubes, began a fierce battle! Nope! With a fierce roar, the consciousness of the Buchan Wind Dragon regained control of his body. He looked at me viciously and said, "I didn't expect that you were so scheming that you started to calculate me so early. Even the fake death of the magic brain was one of your plans. The purpose was just to let me relax my vigilance against the magic brain!" 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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