I have an adventure house.

Peng yuanda was extremely embarrassed and embarrassed. He did not want to say that he did not want

Tian Teng Hospital hired a Japanese team to build, they will do a lot of unlimited things in pursuit of visual impact, if replaced by domestic practitioners will never design such a scene. Walking to the pile of broken limbs and organs, Chen Ge swept it again, slightly stunned, he found some abnormalities, but he did not show them. The female model on the operating table in the autopsy room has lost a heart, and the other doll models have lost some organs and limbs, but they are not as important as the heart. I just glanced at it, and I didn't find the heart in all these organs. It seems that the key is probably hidden in the heart. Where did the heart of the girl model go? Chen Ge looked at the pile of organs and body models, with a guess in mind, he bent down to look for the pile of organs. As his body slowly descended, a human head hidden in the pile of organs suddenly opened its eyes and stood up screaming! His grimace was contorted and scarred, his eyes dripping with bright red artificial plasma, and his hair stuck to his neck. Organs and stumps rolled down, and she stood up,Kava Root Extract, but in the middle of standing, she was held down to her head! "Don't make a scene." Chen Ge pressed the "female ghost" back again. He had excellent eyesight, and the dark environment was like a fish in water for him. When he first came in, he found this different head. Because of the limited number of organs and limbs, so hiding inside the ghost is a petite girl, she was Chen Ge pressed her head, suddenly do not know what to do? Touched and killed by tourists? There seems to be no similar emergency measures in the Haunted House Actors Manual! In this way,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, the female ghost sat on the ground again, her hands were at a loss, her head was pressed by Chen Ge's big hand, and she forgot to say the next lines. Heart, heart.. Where is the heart? It is said that men are very handsome when they are serious, but when the "female ghost" saw Chen Ge talking about his heart and looking for it in the organ pile with a serious face, she shivered and felt that something strange had come into her haunted house. Found it. Chen Ge opened the heart model hidden behind the girl, which contained a unique key. After taking the key, Chen Ge did not stay and left directly, leaving the "female ghost" at a loss. She looked at Chen Ge's back and opened her mouth several times to speak, but she didn't say it. When Chen Ge left, L Methylfolate Factory ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, she lay down silently, picked up the scattered organs around her and buried herself again. Did I forget to make up today? Opening the door in the middle of the passage, the scene in front of us becomes more gloomy. Limited by the venue, the design of Tanto Hospital pays more attention to details, and each scary point is closer. Through the iron gate, the green corridor lights are on and off, and the white clothes are fluttering faintly in the corridor. The width of the corridor has been reduced by half a meter. There should be a mechanism in the wall. Chen Ge knocked on the wall: "Yes, the wall on the left is empty." Not far ahead, Chen Ge saw the third room, which was filled with baby beds with newborn models. The nursery? Chen Ge looked at the door, and as soon as he was ready to go in, there was a cry of a child in the room. Stop crying and let your uncle see where you are. There is more than one loudspeaker installed in the room, so the sound is erratic. Every room in Tanto Hospital has a meaning of existence. The autopsy room provides clues to the heart. The heart is hidden in the white cloth room, and the heart is the key to open the door to the next level. So there should be something I need in this room. When Chen Ge walked to the middle of the room, he suddenly felt that the hem of his clothes was caught by something. He turned his head and looked. On the nursery bed beside him, a baby reached out and hooked its clothes. The baby's face was full of resentment, and he specially painted a very delicate makeup. The doll's arm doesn't use a ball joint. This conjoined structure means that the doll's arm is probably hollow and should be equipped with mechanical circuits. Chen Ge looked around: "The timing can be accurate enough to grab my clothes when I pass by. The person who controls the baby will certainly not be too far away. The probability of remote control from the monitoring is not high. In this case, he should be hiding under the crib.". Chapter 192 you play like a ghost. Chen Ge found the "ghost" under the crib, and the "ghost" did not realize it. Come out, brother. Chen Ge pushed the nursery bed away, the wires under the baby's body were straightened, and a thin man shrank under the bed, holding the remote control in his hand. He was wearing horrible makeup and covered in artificial plasma. Let me ask you something. What props are hidden in this room? Chen Ge himself also felt a bit abrupt: "When I came in, the security guard didn't tell me anything, and it was more troublesome to find it by himself." The "male ghost" under the crib did not say a word, turned his head and ran outside, which made Chen Ge a little surprised. Run for what? In order to maintain the heart rate, Chen Ge did not go after him. He walked slowly and leisurely all the way: "The baby grabbed the clothes with his hands. This is a scary point. There should be a back hand. It is estimated that the actor waited until I was ready to leave, and then suddenly came out." Pick up the baby on the bed, the other side's makeup technology and Chen Ge than there is still a certain gap. Xu Zhenzhen? The name was also written on the thin quilt under the baby's body: "Why is she again?" Chen Ge picked up all the babies nearby, and the name was written under each doll. Since entering the haunted house, the name has been appearing, is it a psychological hint? He searched the nursery and finally found a clue in one of the sheets. It was a pendant in the shape of a key, with a piece of white paper under it, on which was written: To my daughter, Xu Zhenzhen. Taking the things of the deceased indiscriminately will give people the illusion that they are entangled by the deceased. This step should be to strengthen the fear of Xu Zhenzhen in the hearts of tourists. The key pendant is a necessary prop leading to the next level. If you don't take it away, you can't pass the level. So this is the open plan of the haunted house. Picking up the key pendant, Chen Ge looked at the paper,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, took out the ballpoint pen where the pen fairy lived, imitated the handwriting on it, and added a few words on the reverse side of the paper-I'm back. Leave them a little surprise. 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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