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Peng yuanda was extremely embarrassed and embarrassed. He did not want to say that he did not want

Moved by his determination, Zhu Tears became strong and shouted, "Yes, we will go to Tangjia Village when we are alive, and we will go to Tangjia Village when we are dead." She spoke so loudly, as if afraid that the people who were hiding in the dark waiting to kill them would not hear, and as if to let everyone in the world know their determination. Yu Peiyu patted her on the shoulder approvingly, took her hand, and refused to let go any more, because he was afraid that if he let go of her hand, she would suddenly disappear from the ground like Tiehua Niang, although he also knew that with their strength, they might not be the opponents of the terrible enemy. ※ ※ ※ After that, the journey became more difficult. They never dare to be careless, because they all know that any small negligence can cause fatal results. Yang Zijiang could come out of the darkness at any time and anywhere, and with his incredible martial arts, he could strike a fatal blow at them. However, the day has gradually brightened, Yang Zijiang has not appeared. At noon, they stayed in a village for a while, ate something,Glass Cosmestic Containers, and went on until dusk, but Yang Zijiang still did not appear. Now, it is very close to Tangjiazhuang. When they arrived at a small town at dusk, Yu Peiyu suddenly said, "We'll rest here for the night and go to Tangjia Village tomorrow morning." "You really should have a good sleep, otherwise how can you have the spirit to do things?" He sighed gently. The business of the inn in the small town was not good. The shopkeeper fawned on them and found two rooms for them. But Yu Peiyu took one look at Zhu Tears and said, "We only want one room." The heart of Zhu Tears jumped. The shopkeeper looked disappointed and surprised. He didn't look like a couple. After closing the door, Zhu's heart beat even harder,glass cream jars, neither sitting nor standing, as if he did not know where to put himself. "Yu Peiyu carefully bolted the door and closed the window. Then she gave her a gentle smile and said," Go to sleep. With tears in her eyes, Zhu hung her head and summoned up her courage and said, "What about you?" Yu Peiyu said with a smile, "If these two chairs are put together, it will be a very comfortable bed." Tears bit her lip and said, "You sleep in bed. You need a good sleep more than I do." Yu Peiyu looked at her delicate body, her messy hair, and her beautiful big eyes, which were already slightly red. He couldn't help feeling pity in his heart. He thought to himself, "Maybe Yang Zijiang will appear right away. At this moment, why should I stick to those dead rules? Why should I make her suffer? Why shouldn't I let her have a good sleep? If I sleep in the same bed with her tonight, won't I, Yu Peiyu, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, be a gentleman?" Zhu Tears took the thin quilt of the bed and spread it on the chair. She hung her head and forced a smile. She said, "I sleep very comfortably here. When I take care of my third uncle's illness, I can sleep even if I stand there. I've been used to it for a long time. You sleep well." Yu Peiyu suddenly said softly, "This bed is very big, and we are not fat people. Why don't we sleep together?" As soon as Zhu Tears picked up a pillow in her hand, it fell down again. She seemed to want to look at Yu Peiyu, but she didn't have the courage to hang her head and say, "You.." You're not afraid. Yu Peiyu wouldn't let her go on. "What am I afraid of?" She asked? Do you still hit people when you fall asleep? Zhu Tears also smiled, but there was a burst of red clouds on her face. "I don't know how to hit people," she said. "But when I dream, I know how to hit people. Be careful that I get you out of bed." ※ ※ ※。 The bed was really not very big, and in any inn in the world, there would not be a very big bed for guests. Because the guests do not need a very big bed, if there are two men and women to sleep in a bed, they just want the bed as small as possible. Yu Peiyu was so tired that she soon fell asleep. When Zhu Tears went to bed, her whole body was as nervous as a bow. Not only did she not dare to look at Yu Peiyu, but she did not even dare to touch the quilt covered by Yu Peiyu. The night before yesterday, she only wanted to sleep with Yu Peiyu, but now that they were really sleeping together, she seemed to be scared to death, holding her body tightly in the quilt, shrinking in the corner, her ears pressed against the pillow, only to hear her heart pounding. If Yu Peiyu reaches out, what should she do? Zhu Tears did not dare to think, but could not help to think, a thought, her whole body is hot, really can no longer cover the quilt, but dare not cover. Fortunately, Yu Peiyu had fallen asleep, and Zhu Tears dared to quietly stretch her feet out of the quilt to breathe, but as soon as Yu Peiyu turned over, she was so frightened that she immediately drew back her feet. But seeing Yu Peiyu beside her, her whole body was filled with happiness. She wanted to jump up and shout loudly to let people all over the world know tonight. But if someone really came at this moment, she would immediately hide in bed in shame. This is the girl, the girl is really happy. The thirty-first chapter is unpredictable. ~ Novel Txt, Tang Yu Peiyu closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. After a long time, he could not help opening his eyes when he heard Zhu Tears breathing steadily. As expected, Zhu Tears fell asleep and slept soundly. She was really a child, he thought, and children fall asleep more easily than adults. He could not help smiling at the corners of his mouth when he thought of the model lemon when Zhu Tears went to bed. She was really a lovely girl. Sleeping in the same bed with such a lovely girl, if Yu Peiyu doesn't even feel anything, then he is simply not a human being. Besides, he knew that the girl was so devoted to him that he knew that she would never refuse as long as he went over. The night is quiet, starlight? On the window paper The night is so gentle. In this gentle and quiet night, Yu Peiyu finally could not help stretching out his hand and gently stroking her soft hair, and he suddenly felt very hot all over. He remembered that the money with Lin Daiyu was even hotter at night,Serum Bottle With Dropper, so hot that people didn't want to do anything, and so hot that people wanted to do anything. He thought of Lin Daiyu's trembling lips, trembling. That kind of ecstatic trembling is unforgettable forever.

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