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Peng yuanda was extremely embarrassed and embarrassed. He did not want to say that he did not want

Peng yuanda was extremely embarrassed and embarrassed. He did not want to say that he did not want to be the director, nor could he say that he wanted to be the director. He could not imagine that as soon as he made an appointment with Xia Bohu, Xia Bohu immediately thought that he was working for his own promotion, so he had to seal his mouth first. Although the threat of Zhao Yinyin, Yao Kaifang's father-in-law, has not yet become a reality, it has always been a shadow in Xia Bohu's mind. If Yao Kaifang is really out of the game, Xia Bohu has no idea whether Zhao really has an old subordinate with a very close relationship as vice minister in the Ministry of Land and Resources, and whether he will really use his relationship in the Ministry of Land and Resources to destroy the high-tech development park in Yinzhou City. According to the statements made by the members of the Standing Committee at the meeting, Yao Kaifang definitely had no chance this time. The reason was that his father-in-law's play went too far, which made Xia Bohu even more worried. The current situation is that Jiang Health is too mediocre. He must have done his work in this game, but the effect is not obvious. At least Xia Bohu has not found anyone in the Standing Committee who intends to support him. And his kind of person is also not appreciated by Wu Xiuzhi, Wu Xiuzhi himself is calm and pays attention to connotation, but likes other cadres to be decisive and capable, so it is estimated that Jiang Health can only be an honest executive deputy, let him take charge of his own side is unlikely. ZhuangYang Xia Bohu also don't worry, He estimates ZhuangYang probably to Ceng Congming did the work,small gold wash plant, This from Ceng Congming when talking about ZhuangYang before and after the attitude of the obvious contrast can be seen, But if you really want to appoint ZhuangYang for the director of the public security Bureau, Ceng Cgong that pass is very sad, If only deal with Ceng Cgong's brother-in-law that is good to say, The key is later Zhuangyang in the official quagmire, Through the organization department, the municipal party committee decided to directly appoint him as deputy director of the public security Bureau,Carbon in Pulp, which was tantamount to taking advantage of the municipal party committee's hand to slap Zeng Congming in the face. This knot is difficult for anyone in the political arena to untie easily. The problem now is Peng yuanda. Judging from Wu Xiuzhi's attitude that day, he seems to be very interested in this person, and this person is currently on fire. He estimated that if the whole committee was really allowed to vote by secret ballot, this little man, who claimed to be the director of the Bureau, would probably stand out with the support of the popular public opinion. The latecomer would catch up and become the new director of the Yinzhou Public Security Bureau. At the same time, it would become a time bomb in the Xia Bohu High-tech Development Zone. This result is what Xia Bohu does not want to see. What he would like to see is the smooth and successful development of high-tech development zones. If Peng yuanda, a powerful competitor, withdraws at the right time and smoothly lets Yao Kaifang be the director, Xia Bohu will feel at ease. What Xia Bohu cares about most at present is the high-tech development zone, and he doesn't care who is the director of public security at all. Peng yuanda understood what the mayor meant. He did not understand why Xia Bohu disapproved of being the director. In his memory, he had never done anything that made the mayor unhappy. If Mayor Xia really didn't want him to be the Bureau chief, gold cil machine ,gold heap leaching, he couldn't be the Bureau chief, and he just asked him to do the big plum thing, so he might as well push the boat along and fulfill the mayor's wish. It's impossible for people to live in the world and everything goes well. In most cases, they can only choose to choose. Peng yuanda thought quickly in his heart for a while and decided to give up himself and take the big plum, which finally fulfilled his promise to the big plum in that small mountain village in Fujian. The problem now is not whether he is the director or not, but that he does not know where he has offended the mayor. If this matter is not clarified, trouble will surely follow in the future. Even if he is the deputy director, he will not be able to stop. This prospect made Peng yuanda feel uneasy. After thinking about it, he had no choice but to take this opportunity to ask Xia Bohu directly: "Mayor Xia, it doesn't matter if I'm not the Bureau chief. As you said, if I'm the Bureau chief, I'll only get about 50 yuan more a month, less than a carton of cigarettes.". I don't know whether to ask or not. Do you have any criticism about my work and other aspects? Xia Bohu immediately said, "What do I have against you?"? You did a good job. Not only did you have no opinion, but in fact, to tell you the truth, I appreciate you very much. I would like to praise you on an appropriate occasion. You solved such a big case and saved millions of losses for the country. Peng yuan Dalian even nodded: "Thank the mayor, I just did what I should do, not worthy of the mayor's praise.". But He wanted to ask, since you appreciate me so much, why don't you want me to be the director? But this sentence is really too sensitive, sounds like a direct official, Peng yuanda at this time in any case did not have the courage to ask out. Knowing what he wanted to ask, Xia Bohu closed the door of the office in the past. Then he sat down in front of Peng yuanda and confided in him. He said in a cordial and sincere tone: "Comrade yuanda, it's not that I don't want you to be the director, and it's not that I have any personal views on you. The reason why I said that is that the background is too complicated and the atmosphere is too bad now. I'm taking the overall situation into account." It's all for the sake of the overall situation. I'll tell you one thing. You can't tell anyone if you know it. It was rare for Peng yuanda to encounter such trust and closeness from a leader. His feelings of excitement, nervousness, and gratitude made his heart beat. He hurriedly declared: "Mayor Xia, you can rest assured that I will never tell the second person, not even my wife and mother-in-law." Xia Bohu said: "Your Yao Kaifang is really not a thing. Listen to his name, Yao Kaifang. If such a person becomes the director of your public security Bureau, the name alone will make people laugh.". But I can't help it. If Yao Kaifang can't be the director this time, the high-tech development zone under development and construction in our city may be aborted, and the tens of millions already invested may be lost. If that happens, even if I, the mayor, bow to the people of Yinzhou to apologize and resign, the loss will not be recovered. Therefore, I ask you to take the overall situation into account and give up this opportunity voluntarily. Even if you do me a favor,gold CIP machine, Xia Bohu, if you have any difficulties in your work in the future, just come to me and I will go all out to help and support you. 。

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